How to choose the Tile

One of the most common finishingmaterial is ceramic tile: it is practical, has a long service life and visual appeal. In order to professionally perform its installation, few have the necessary knowledge and skills - without tools simply can not do. Well, if Tiler Tile available, which is very useful and easy-to-device. In appearance it is similar to glass cutter, but its dimensions on the order of magnitude greater. Let's see, how to choose the Tile.

In determining the most appropriate instrumentit is important to take into account the characteristics of ceramic tile, so to start buy decoration material, and only then, and device for cutting it. Before buying the equipment it is important to determine the amount of work, because if the work will be small, then buying an expensive tool makes no sense - the budget version of Tile enough. Tile can be manual or electric, we are closer look at features proper selection of Tile manual type.

Features manual tile

Manual tile cutters are convenient and easy to use. Their construction is quite sturdy and rigid, so they are able to provide a smooth cut tiles, while there are no deviations. Such equipment is effective for cutting ceramic tiles, the thickness of which is not more than 15 millimeters. To cut the material wall thickness of 8 mm is sufficient plikoreza 400 millimeters.

In use as a basic elementcutting roller. It is produced from a special carbide metal. When he is unable to carry out their responsibilities, reduces the quality of the cut. This item is not sharpened and replaced completely. For cutting tiles used at a certain angle swivel range.

Modern tile cutters have a mass of settings,that allow you to work with materials of varying thickness. The result can restrict the movement of the shearing elements, whereby even when the diagonal cut prevents crumbling tile edges.

Modern tile cutters are simplestructure. It is composed of the elements titanium cutting. Titanium is known for high resistance to wear. In order to perform accurate and fine incision using a special goniometer. To improve ease of cleaving tiles tool is equipped with a floating base. It is equipped with a special guide that allows you to prevent the occurrence of the backlash to the cutting area.

Getting cutting tiles

In the beginning, the tiles need to partition, and thenput on the base and pressed to high density abutment member. Cutting Guide should be to the side line of his own. Create a lever that will facilitate the breaking of tiles. After that it will be enough to put pressure on one of its corners.

When cutting ceramic tile may crackas a result of heating, but because the work is done manually, the risk is minimized. To increase the duration of use of the instrument in general and in particular the diamond blade must at times make its lubrication.

Having considered, how to choose Tile, you have received the knowledge of the theory, which will help you choose the best version of the tool for their own purposes.

How to choose the Tile
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