How to choose the right router

The tools in almost all carpentersan important place is given to the milling machine. This woodworking tool makes it easy to perform figure obrabatyvaniya edges to make grooves and holes. In addition, the equipment can handle not only wood, but also iron, plastic, fiberboard, particleboard and other types of materials. Let's talk, how to choose the right router.

From the outset, it is necessary to define thoseworks to be performed with the help of the router in the future, and the activity of its operation. So think what work you plan to use it to perform. All routers can be divided into equipment with a flange, vertical and special type of performance.

Types of routers and their features

Frazer called vertical type submerged. It is a versatile tool that allows you to perform various types of milling.

With edging type milling machine(Edge routers) are processed products edges. The package combined woodworking tools includes two databases: one is performed using immersion milling, and the other is used for edging.

There are special types of routers. Thus, the lamellar means the equipment can be made only narrow grooves and filler machines are used to manufacture dowel recesses and grooves. To work with a special laminate is produced Trimmer equipment.

If you plan to use a router for a particular type of work, it is better to acquire highly specialized equipment: it can perform higher quality and will save.

Technical indicators Milling

Milling machines can be different capacity,which is in the range of 600-2300 watts. With the increase in power increases the usability of the tool, however its weight increases. Therefore, to work on weight is better to refrain from buying the high capacity equipment. Routers different spindle speed, which is in the range of 8000-34000 / min. Shank diameter woodworking tools may also differ.

For milling machines were easy to use, they must be equipped with a speed switch, dust gateway blocker on and other functions.

So we looked at, how to choose the right router. Following management articles, you will be able to achieve the desired result and to get a tool with the desired characteristics.

How to choose the right router
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