How to choose a punch

Punch is one of the most importanttools in the construction or renovation of buildings. It allows you to quickly and with minimal labor costs to make a recess in a solid material, dismantle the structures and perform other work. However, because of the huge range it is necessary to correct choice. It will be devoted to today's article.

Key parameters to be taken into account when buying a punch

Power can be from one to threemodes (drilling, drilling and punch, drilling, impact and crushing). Devices may vary in weight, some weight can reach 10 kilograms and more.

The impact energy. The most important characteristic of the device isimpact energy. To measure it, the units used Joules. In simple models of value can be 1-2 J, more powerful, it reaches 15 J. With the rise of the indicator increased diameter of the hole, which can be made. If the energy of the impact is very small, so that the device performance is comparable to the impact drill. He probably will not deepen and penetrate the holes and drill them. This leads to poor performance and rapid failure of the device.

Power Punch. In this device parameter concedeelectric drills, because drilling takes much more energy than drilling. In operation, the punch shaft does not need such a high speed. Devices with cartridges type SDS-Plus have a capacity of 400-800 watts, but with SDS-Max rate can reach 1.2 kW.

The frequency of attacks. The indicator reports the number of strikes thatpunch piston performs a minute. With its increase increases the efficiency of drilling holes. On the performance impact energy and impact frequency. A good combination of these two indicators will report on the durability and power devices. This brand must enjoy a good reputation, so that he could be trusted.

As you can see, choose a suitable punch is notalways easy. To do this, set aside time to meet with a number of features and compare several models. However, it's worth it! By making the right choice, you can buy high-quality and durable machine!

How to choose a punch
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