How to choose the right power tool

Wrong selection of electric toolsIt can lead not only to its rapid damage, and inability to perform the work required. When buying it is important to focus on a number of factors - the operating conditions, purpose, future load and more. After analyzing them, you can go to the store to shop power tools.

Apparatuses for household and professional use

The main parameter of the power of choice -people who will use it. It can be applied for domestic use or for professional work execution. In the latter case there is often a need to use the product without interruption under high loads. Therefore, for such a tool special requirements. On the other hand, if the drill is acquired to an apartment or home, it is often used for drilling several holes in the wall. In this case, there is no need for professional equipment, because it is much more expensive, and the model home will fully cope with their tasks.

Determine the electric power

Almost every online storepower offers products that work from 220 Volt or an integrated rechargeable battery. Devices of the first type are more low cost, but they require the presence of the power source nearby. Enlarge the space of their application, you can use an extension cord. If the work will be carried out in rural areas with poor power supply, voltage jump can bring power down.

Storage devices allow you towork autonomously. They can be easily used even where there is no electricity at all. It is important to understand that if the tool will often sit and lie idle, its power supply quickly fail and cease to function.

Safety products

This parameter can be identified two main criteria.

Protection against accidental current. Prevents accidental starting and cause harm to others. To do this, the device has a special button. When it is pressed the instrument starts.

Good electrical insulation. The optimal solution would be the presence of a doubleelectrical insulation, as can be recognized by the marking in the form of double square. This solution involves the use of two layers - one protects the internal components, and the second - the case of the equipment. functions

Often, inexperienced buyers fall formultiprofile trick. An example is a drill with different attachments. This tool can tighten the screws, perform grinding, drilling, thread manufacture and perforate. Such tools if and purchase, it is only to perform one-time operations. In order to perform at a high level some sort of operation, the device design should provide such a possibility.

How to choose the right power tool
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