How to choose the right pair of pliers

Pliers - a special tool,used during many types of work. In the tool box almost every master must be robust pliers, which will provide high-quality capture of all kinds of objects, as well as help in the flexible cable and wire. An essential thing is to have insulation on the handles, which will effectively perform the work, even with the wires. Therefore, the question of whether, how to choose the right pair of pliers, It is very relevant.

Modern pliers different lotschoice. They can be used to clamp small items. Someone decides to upgrade their device. To do this, they do grind handle screwdriver, as a result, have obtained pliers. In certain varieties of pliers, there are special slots that make cutting the wires will not cause any problems. When selecting a tool, note the highest value of the throat. To increase this number, just enough to erode the rotation limiter in the handle itself. In some models, to achieve this goal, it is necessary to drill axis disassemble pliers, and then the manufacture of a new axis to perform the assembly.

If the pliers are used extensively,over time they become loose handles. In those cases where the axis will be about rasklёpany ends, necessary to get rid of such a defect. To repair pliers was produced at a high quality level, it is necessary to drill their axis, and then carve a new one. When using the device for cutting wire soft wire of high plasticity, the cutting edge will last you a long time. However, when used for cutting of nails or the extraction of the material, the service life of all products is reduced significantly. By cutting with a hacksaw can restore slots and notches.

How to identify high-quality pliers

To select a quality instrument, it is importantconsider a list of its characteristics. It is important to remember that the gap between its jaws should not exceed a millimeter, and from the arms is expected that they will be sufficiently tightly interconnected. Well, when they are able to move freely and smoothly. The gap between the cutting edges in the pliers should be 0.1 mm or more.

Modern pliers market offers productsin a wide range. For example, on a work surface model 1RK-24 are teeth, which are used to create high-grade steel, specially treated hardened. The length of the tool is 125 mm. But the model 1RK-036S is created from the carbon steel of the highest quality. They have a length of 130 millimeters. Tool brand 1RK-052AS has a special isolation allows you to work with voltages up to 1000 V, and their edges have been specially hardened in tool length reaches 165 millimeters. Pliers 1RK-27 are produced using high-quality hardened metal, they use a double leaf spring.

Main features combined pliers

Through this tool, you can fixall sorts of items and cut the wire. The equipment can have different capture zone and cutting edge lengths. This ensures the effectiveness of the cutting wires and the wire, which is used for the manufacture of steel of different kind. This type of pliers are made from hardened tool steel, held a special heat treatment. The resulting product has a high rate of wear resistance and hardness. Anticorrosion coating protects the product from rust. Pliers are oxidation process by which is slowing down the oxidation processes. If necessary, the surface of chrome.

The tool can be made of different lengths,it handles can pass a special grinding, realized linkages double type and uses nickel-plated base. When selecting a tool plays an important role coating handle. It is from this figure depends on the user experience with the pliers: who wants to work product, which is constantly slipping out of the hands? The tool has a fairly long period of use. Often buying new pliers, not because the old broken, but because they have been lost.

From the article you can see, how to choose a pair of pliers. With this knowledge you will easily pick up the best of their kind in the construction supermarket or market. Use of pliers is very high, and this is despite the affordable price!

How to choose the right pair of pliers
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