How to choose brushcutters

Beautiful green lawn always looks verypresentable, and testifies to the accuracy of the site owners. No matter what area of ​​the green zone. When it comes to bringing the land in order, it's time to think about buying the necessary garden tools with which land can be most effectively elevate. These tools include brushcutter and trimmer. These tools are designed for cutting grass, but not just cutting, and to create a beautiful lawn, is a jewel of the site. Gardening equipment is not universal. Each tool is designed to perform a particular task.

Trimmers are used for the care of smallportions for a short stint. This low-power tools, designed to work with soft grass. For more serious work is brushcutter, which can be used on any portion of the area for cutting thick and thick grass. Brushcutter is a portable device consisting of a rod, the cutting head of the engine, and a set of cutting tools. Some models have brushcutters complete Knapsack snap for easy tool retention during operation. The structure of the cutting components includes fishing line, a knife, and the cutting blade.

The line is used to align and lawnscutting the thinnest grass and knives - for cutting the most dense grass. Brushcutters can be professional, designed for continuous operation, as well as household, used in small areas for a short time. Of course, the power unit may also be different. If you purchase brushcutters for its suburban area, then it makes no sense to overpay for a professional tool.

Brushcutters difference does not end there. It is very important to choose the engine type, which can be gasoline, electric, or akkumulyatornym.Elektrokosa used if electrified portion or it can be carried out extensions. This is a fairly economical class chainsaws, although not entirely comfortable because of dependence on electricity. Petrol brushcutter has more weight and increased noise emission, which creates some inconvenience. However, it is also quite benefits.

This high mobility and power. Cordless braids appeared relatively recently, but has already gained popularity due to the presence of high-quality batteries. Their distinguishing feature is quiet operation, no exhaust and relatively low weight. In places such as kindergartens, schools, hospitals, health centers, recreation areas rechargeable spit simply irreplaceable. Aside from trimming lawn garden equipment such as the brushcutter can be equipped with additional nozzles, designed for the care of shrubs, flower beds and trees.

How to choose brushcutters
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