How to choose a lawn mower: expert advice

Today technology has reached an unprecedented gardendiversity. As a result, when faced with the choice of one type of tool or equipment, we are forced to make decisions that are not always so simple. Let's try to determine how choose a lawn mower. Today, the most widely used two types of lawn mowers: Gasoline and electric. The first type provides full freedom of movement and increased power, which is accompanied by exhaust fumes, noise and the need to constantly purchase fuel and refuel the car. Lawn mowers of this type may be dumb and self-propelled, moreover, they may be the drive support wheels.

We determine the decks

The cheapest and easiest material toDecember manufacturing buildings or electric lawnmowers considered polypropylene. It is characterized by elasticity and stiffness, but the quality leaves much to be better, but cheaper material you can hardly find. Models that are more expensive, feature a body made from ABS-plastic, whose characteristics are somewhat similar to metal, but it is cheaper and easier.

If we talk about gasoline lawn mowers, thentheir manufacturing metal casings. In some cases, use stainless steel which can withstand about four seasons operation. The professional models use aluminum deck on which the guarantee can be up to 10 years. Besides aluminum body is lightweight.

Engine - an important element of lawnmowers

If you want to choose a lawn mower, it is importantpay attention to its motor. Although many manufacturers mowers, engines homemade boasts only Honda. Other manufacturers also make a decision on the purchase of engines from its partners. Motors company Briggs & Stratton is especially popular among manufacturers of lawn mowers.

If the technique uses high-speed engines, mowing will be effective and productive. The manufacturer usually sets the optimum engine speed.

Most often used in lawnmowerswith a capacity of engines within 3-6 hp, so they can be used for mowing lawns all. However, when working with high, thick grass or wet turnovers are considerably reduced. In this case, the knife lawn mower does not cut the grass and tore it, because of what it does not always falls into the collection box. This feature suggests that when choosing a mower would be wise to take care of the power headroom, while taking into account the future operating conditions. And if the mower is also a self-propelled, then the power supply should be even more, because of the power of the power unit will go on the movement of the machine.

shearing type is also important

Modern mowers have differentmowing grass: with charges in the collection box, with ejection to the side or mulching. Each type of hairstyle is characterized by its own peculiarities. If the grass is thrown away, resulting in a growing grass is pressed. As a result, on the lawn bald spots appear different. To solve this problem in two ways: either go to the bunker devices either immediately after clipping collect mown grass.

Mulching mowers use a knife anglewhich changes the tilt. Due to this and it can hook in the grass, and grind it. In addition, this type of equipment allows you to completely eliminate the damage bulbs or basal parts of plants when mowing.

The height and width of mowing

Cutting width is an importantparameter when choosing a lawn mower. After all, it depends directly on the number of passes that have to carry the mower to clear the land. The very same width download depends on the mower deck out more deck - more and cutting width. However, it is important not to forget the power of the engine to prevent it from overloading.

Manual cutting height adjustment ismost uncomfortable. When used in the deck there are from 3 to 5 holes, which are at different heights. To set the desired height, you should unplug the axis of the wheels and place them in the desired holes.

Individual adjustment is much more convenient inuse. Each wheel in this case is equipped with a lever that allows you to change the cutting height and set it individually for each wheel. And the most convenient option is to change the cutting height by means of a button or a lever.

So, we have considered the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of lawn mowers. This information will arm you with knowledge and help choose a lawn mower according to your needs.

How to choose a lawn mower: expert advice
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