How to choose a laser level

Laser technology is widely used inmanufacturing tools, as for example in the life of the builders have become part of the LEICA laser rangefinders, levels, levels, etc. they have achieved a certain popularity because of affordability, because today is a good tool can acquire not only professionals, but also ordinary people. What is important to pay attention to when choosing a laser levels? Let's take a closer look at two of their type and learn their characteristics.

Properties prism laser levels

Devices operating on the basis of the prisms,characterized by simplicity of design, increased reliability and more affordable cost. They may be used one or more LEDs that emit a narrow light beam to be converted by the prism plane. Thanks otsutst7viyu additional mechanisms improved device reliability. The most common of the devices includes a pair of light-emitting diodes and a pair of prisms, they are created by the horizontal and vertical, intersecting at an angle of 90 degrees. Management enables a single line. The resulting beam around the device may have a different angle of the sweep, but more often it is 120 degrees.

Modern laser levellers LEICA twointersecting planes make it possible to align the ceiling, floor, walls and other surfaces. Still, some unusual tasks they can not perform. That is why there multiprizmennye Levels. Owing to them can receive more than three planes by several points able to create patterns on different objects. The result is a laser plummet, which helps in making holes in the floor and ceiling surfaces. By certain types of devices can be obtained similar projection on the horizontal plane, this option is particularly relevant when the laying of communications.

Prism Lasers have certaindrawbacks, including a relatively limited operating range. If you do not use a special detector, the resulting beam is discernible at a distance of 5-50 meters, the use of the detector can increase this figure to 30-100 meters. Often levels, at the basis of which is the prism system is used for work inside buildings, but they are not always suitable for large construction sites.

Features rotary laser levels

In devices of this type of laser planeprojected by rotating LEDs integrated electric motor. Rotary devices have greater range compared to the prismatic leveled. Even in the absence of the beam generated by the detector distinguishable from 200-500 meters, and the detector can increase this distance up to a kilometer.

Due to the rotary leveler can get the plane in the range of 360 degrees. Therefore, a single device can take advantage of several workers.

Consider the features of various types of laser levels, you can determine the type of device that best meets your needs.

How to choose a laser level
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