How to choose a jigsaw

Scope jigsaw purpose - to carry outtransverse, longitudinal and shape cutting of sheet material. It is a hand tool, equipped with electric drive with low weight and dimensions. Jigsaw allows you to perform various kinds of work. Thus, it can be used to perform curved cuts of different materials, straight cuts and to make round holes or in the form of a rectangle. If you're wondering, how to choose a jigsawThis article will help you make the right choice.

The main varieties of the instrument

Jigsaw entire range can be divided intohousehold and professional use. Household tool has less work resource capacity and the number of additional functions. With household jigsaws tend to perform cuts wood parts having a thickness less than 7 cm, and 4.2 mm steel. As the requirements for this kind of slightly less than a professional tool, you can often find products from Poland or China. Manufacturers recommend using household jigsaw no more than twenty hours per month. Although household jigsaws largely inferior to a professional, they are much cheaper.

Professional tool originally designeda higher load than the home. In addition, these products offer increased performance usability. With the help of these jigsaws can cut wood up to 14 cm, aluminum up to 2 cm and 1 cm steel professional tool cost is determined by various factors:. Its capacity, brand popularity and the availability of additional functionality.

If you want to to choose a jigsaw, Additional functions should be given appropriate attention.

Overview of additional functions

Each model has a modernmultistage pendulum mechanism, whereby sawing receives additional horizontal movement (in the direction of cut, and vice versa), and the cut material is performed only when it moves upwards. This feature increases the performance of the job, increased service life sawing, but cut quality may decline. If you are performing a finishing cut, simply disable this feature. Besides, better to refuse to work with a reciprocating motion at the cut hardwood and steel.

To work with different types of material suitablefeature is the adjustable stroke frequency. There are two choices of its frequency - change frequencies force pressing the start button or frequency selection before switching tool. Remember that increasing the number of moves, you will increase the performance of the jigsaw, but working fabric will wear out faster.

Other additional features can benoting automatic blow-off dust particles, making the cut line is cleaned of dust and sawdust. Built-in light allows you to illuminate the work area, so you can use the tool even in low light room. And thanks to the rapid change of saws you will be able at the touch of a lever to replace dilapidated fabric. With corners latch you can lock the tool in the desired position.

What to look for when choosing a jigsaw

The most important indicator is the powerelectric saw, which primarily will affect the uptime and the cutting depth in various materials. Power Jigsaw household is 350 watts or so, and professional - in excess of 550 watts.

If you plan to work with different kinds of materials, try to select a tool, which would be realized the possibility of stroke frequency adjustment.

It would be good to ask, is it possibleconnection tool to the vacuum cleaner. Undoubtedly, automatic blow-off chips is a good feature, but by plugging in the vacuum cleaner jigsaw, you can just remove the fine dust and keep your workplace clean.

Having reviewed the basic tips on how how to choose a jigsawYou can safely go to the store or on the market in search of the necessary tools.

How to choose a jigsaw
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