How to choose an industrial dryer

Industrial dryer allows you to create flowhot air, while it is powered by the mains and does not require the use of fuel. Its main difference from the analogue is a domestic power that can reach 2300 W, and the performance to 650 liters per minute of air flow and temperature, which may be 650 degrees. The device has a large number of adjustments that allow to reach stable and optimum temperature at various loads.

Industrial dryer can be used withvarious nozzles that define its capabilities: round, flat, and safety reflector. Most often, this tool is made in the form of a pistol, but it can be purchased and a cylindrical model as desired. Areas of use of the industrial dryer are wide enough. Use it to remove paints and varnishes with different surfaces, as well as to use the device for tinning, melting, drying, molding, cutting, welding seams, hot landing, and other operations.

To learn how to work with the equipment you need about 10 minutes or a little more, the instrument weighs less than a kilogram, it is compact and very easy to use.

How to make the right choice

If you want to select industrial dryer, Start the tool selection with the most significantcharacteristics. The first of these is the ability to control the temperature. Most often it is enough several temperature modes. This option can significantly extend the possibility of a hair dryer, because it allows to carry out its setting, taking into account the characteristics of the material being processed. So, when the glued parts of one type of plastic can change the temperature, proceed with the bonding of another type of material.

Some professional models are fitted withelectron temperature stabilization system. It allows the hair dryer to arrange the air supply at a constant temperature for various loads. In addition, the system increases the life of the spiral filament.

Individual attention nozzle ornozzle hot air gun that come with it as a unit. Bits with the distribution of the surface of hot air used for soldering profiles and copper tubes, plastic deformation, as well as the removal of putty and old paint. Steklozaschitnye nozzle is used to remove varnish, paint and putty from the glass and other surfaces that can not tolerate high temperatures. There are other types of nozzles, which extend the scope of the use of an industrial dryer.

The next indicator - a heat shield,which serves to close the air supply nozzle. Removable hood makes the model more compact, but it increases the probability of getting burned. If the handle is closed, then the employee's hand is protected from hot metal splashes and reflected jets of hot air. For safe operation, buy a model with a closed grip.

We have reviewed some of the characteristics that will help you correct select industrial dryer. When selecting a tool should not hurry, it is better examined with each indicator, because in this case, your purchase will be long and reliably.

How to choose an industrial dryer
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