How to choose the industrial dryer

Industrial dryer is used to createhot air flow as it uses electric energy and does not need fuel. Industrial dryers differ from their domestic counterparts power, which in some cases up to 2.3 kW, and their performance can be 650 liters per minute and the air flow can be heated up to 650 degrees. The device is equipped with a weight adjustment, which is achieved due to the optimum temperature of the air flow when working with different loads.

For industrial dryer is equipped with a variety ofnozzles: flat, round, with reflector and safety. Often, a tool made in the form of a gun, but there are also commercially cylindrical model. Industrial dryers are used in various fields. With their help remove varnish and paint from various surfaces, to the same instrument is used for melting, tin plating, forming, drying, hot landing, seam welding and other operations.

The equipment is simple to work, soyou will only have 10 minutes to fully master it. The entire instrument is about a kilogram, it offers the convenience in operation and compact size.

How to choose the industrial dryer

If the task is in front of you choose the right industrial dryer, You need to choose the most important toolcharacteristics. First of all, pay attention to the ability to regulate temperature. Often for several temperature modes is quite enough. With this option you can extend the functionality of the dryer, set it up, taking into account peculiarities of the material to be processed. In those cases where the same type of plastic parts glued together, after the temperature change can begin bonding other types of materials.

Some models have a professionalelectronic system for temperature stabilization. Thanks to her hair organizes supply of air at a constant temperature, which does not change with the change of load. This system allows you to extend the life of the spiral filament.

What else to pay attention

The nozzles or nozzles for industrial dryerThey deserve special attention. Often, they are included in the packaging of the product. Nozzles, which distribute hot air surface, used for soldering copper pipes and profiles, changing the shape of the plastic and remove the old paint and putty. Thanks steklozaschitnym nozzles can remove paint, varnish and putty from the glass surface and other reasons that can not withstand high temperatures. This diversity does not end nozzles, others of their species can significantly increase the functionality of the tool.

It is also important to pay attention to the studyheat shield, which is used for closing the air nozzle serving. Models with removable cover are more compact, but increases the chance to get burned. In devices with a closed hand grip employee is protected from hot metal spraying, as well as the reflected jets of heated air. If you value the security in the use model with closed arms.

If you want to choose the right industrial dryer, Watch discussed aboverecommendations. No need to rush when choosing a tool, try to better understand each of the indicators. In this case, your purchase will be able to over the years correctly perform its mandated functions.

How to choose the industrial dryer
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