How to choose a punch - expert advice

Punch is a drill with a mechanismShot intended for destroying jobs in tough materials: brick, concrete, and artificial and natural stone. His punch functions much like a drill, and some do not even realize what is the difference between them. In this article, we will consider the recommendations of experts about how to choose a punch.

What to look for

If you decide to purchase a punch, you certainly do not want to make a mistake with the choice of model. Let's look at the criteria that will help to achieve this goal.

First of all, remember that even though powerIt is an important indicator, but in the pursuit of it is not necessary to close our eyes to other characteristics of the instrument. The best thing at the outset to consider the functionality that you need, and match it with the necessary power. Of course, it would not be wise for a hole in the wall to acquire a professional tool latest model. On the other hand it is important to bear in mind that even in the low-end models provides many features that are intended only to attract the attention of a prospective buyer. But in this case, the presence of these small things can affect the quality of their implementation, and not in a good way. If you want to get really high-quality punch, it is better to give preference to professional models, although they are generally a set of additional features is small, but they provide reliable performance in a tense rhythm.

An important indicator is the maximum diameter of the resulting holes in different materials, and is best to pay attention to this indicator for concrete.

Quality tools are a good systemheat transfer and protection. After all, if the punch is overheated, you will be forced to interrupt the work and expect it to cool down. If you do not, you can just prepare the money for a new one.

Additional functions

Another handy tool is the managementelectronics, which allows you to adjust the force of impact and the exact beginning of drilling, so that all work can be done with the utmost care. Constant Electronic keeps the specified option even with the load. Even if you change the hardness of the material puncher equipped electronics such, can provide a constant speed. With soft start, you will avoid any twitching when the tool is run. If you want to correct pick hammerIt is important to consider all these points.

Thanks to protection from overheating, do not punch yourburn, even when excessive load. The device also enable and disable the rotation lock is convenient because it allows you to set the chisel in the desired position. Switch the direction of rotation or the reverse, too, will add convenience in the use of power tools. And if he is also combined with the possibility of adjusting the speed, you can even use your hammer as a screwdriver, with which loosen and tighten the screw is not difficult.

When choosing a manufacturer it is important to take into account the development of theits service network. It is better to ask in advance, whether in your city a service center, because in case of breakage may be that it will have far to drive to service the instrument. This will not only increase your costs, but can significantly stretch the turnaround time.

Whatever it was, getting punchextremely important to define the purposes for which it will be used. And if you find that you like the model has features and power, which is unlikely in the next couple of decades will be relevant for you, think about how to keep your budget and buy something cheaper. We hope that our article will answer the question: how to choose a punch.

How to choose a punch - expert advice
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