How to choose a hacksaw

After coming in a modern building shopnozhovok diversity and their wide range of customers may surprise many. The problems associated with the choice of optimal model and characteristics, which should pay attention to, are familiar to many. Let's talk about how to choose a hacksaw.

Varieties nozhovok

Classification nozhovok will help us determine thethe main direction of choice. It is important to note that all hacksaw can be divided into electric and manual. Power hacksaw more functional, but their cost is much higher, and it is not always applicable. They are used for cutting metal, wood and synthetic solid materials such as ceramics and plastics. As for the operation of this tool requires the grid, it can only use it at home or far away from it. If we talk about the weight of the electric saber, it increased due to the use of the engine.

Hand hacksaw known to all. They are universal, since the scope of their use is not limited to the cottage and the house where there is a possibility of connection to the power supply. Therefore, even in the forest, you can take advantage of this low-maintenance tool. This type of saber differs a low cost and light weight.

Of course, everyone decides for himself what his hacksawlonger fit with the objectives of its use. Hand saws will be enough for the rare works in nature. However, for the construction of even a small facility (summer shower or the shed) facing rooms and other construction works better to use electric counterparts.

Getting to the choice

From hacksaw handle primarily dependseasy to work with it. If its shape ensures a secure grip and prevents slippage, work will bring you more joy. If the indicator is left unattended, without the calluses you hardly will manage, and can not be avoided in the long and difficult work problems. The best option is a two-component handle with rubber insert.

Hardening of teeth is another importantindicators that need to be addressed. If the tool was so hardened, he will be able to much longer maintain its sharpening, and even complex materials are not delivered to specific problems. But in this case it is important to remember that the hardened blades are dulled with time, and sharpen them again, alas, will not work.

Wiring hacksaw affects howcomfortable to use tool, moreover, it affects the quality of cut. The material from which made the canvas determines how reliable and durable it will be. It is best to stainless steel was used here. If you want to correct choose a hacksawQuality canvas checked by bending it inarc. If the saw is really good, its original appearance will be restored, and if noticeable at least some curvature, the acquisition of this model should be abandoned.

Each specialized hardware storeYou can buy hacksaws various sizes, types and purposes. But only those sellers who cooperate with reliable tool manufacturers can offer a truly high-quality goods.

Why use a hacksaw

Depending on the material being cut hacksawmay be metal or wood. The latter type allows you to work with the boards, beams, laminates and particleboard. When laying wooden flooring and baseboards, firewood and furniture repair this tool is simply indispensable. On the canvases of saber teeth may be a medium-sized, large and small, the rate measured by the number of cutters per inch. The hacksaw with large teeth per inch falls 3-6 teeth, if the pitch between them is 4-8 millimeters, such saws can be used for sawing of logs and thick bars. If the distance between the teeth is about 3 mm, then a hacksaw for cutting medium-sized material. And the wooden parts with small tooth gap is about 2 mm.

Choosing a hacksaw, to be consideredthe location of the cutting teeth on the canvas. In those cases where the teeth are straight, the tool can perform only a transverse cut. For cutting boards along preferable to use a hacksaw with teeth, which are inclined forward.

Field of use hacksaws for metal is much wider, because it can be used to saw wood, ceramics and plastics. However, this tool is worth more than the counterparts to work with wood.

Having considered the advice of how to choose a hacksawYou can safely go to the hardware store in search of the necessary tools.

How to choose a hacksaw
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