How to choose a grinding wheel

Working with angle grinders or grindermay require different supplies, including abrasives belongs to an important place. This is due to the fact that grinding, cutting and grinding wheels - is the most popular consumables which are used in the work.

Depending on the purpose of suppliesIt can be divided into several categories. Some are made for cutting materials, others are used for grinding, cleaning, stripping, rust removal and polishing. And some products are used for the treatment of different surfaces: natural stone, concrete, wood and other. Let's consider, how to choose the grinding wheel.

Getting to the choice

First of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the inscriptionon the abrasive. Whatever the grinding wheel on it, you will always see a huge number of inscriptions that carry certain information load. These labels will tell us some information about the product. If the circle corresponds to the international standards, it is possible to see the label, made in the form of drawing, informing the buyer of the materials used in the manufacture of products.

In the picture you can see a pictureceramic tile, stone, metal profiles, reinforced concrete, etc. In addition, the circle sometimes present image protection, hearing protection and gloves that remind about the use of personal protective equipment. Some refer to report on the need for cooling in the circle. For the following hand tools are marked reinforcement. And for stationary machines - C. It is also important to consider when choosing the abrasive wheels. In addition to the circle, you can see its dimensions: thickness, diameter and bore him, as it applied value of allowable rotation speed.

We continue to study the inscriptions

In addition to the abrasive wheel is required toindicate material for which it was intended. Many manufacturers in the metal frame of the aperture indicates the term abrasive date. And this feature, be sure to pay attention. In some cases, following sell at very low prices, and the reason is expiring or already expired warranty period of storage of the product. If you decide to use these circles, you must know that you are risking your health and the health of those who are near you.

When selecting the abrasive wheel is required to payattention to the rotation rate at which it was designed: it should be above that at which grinder works. Quite often, the sale can be seen in the following, with a red bar. This designation is characteristic of the diamond abrasive, flap, cutting, stripping, polishing and grinding wheels. Besides color stripe color which informs of the maximum speed of rotation of the wheel can be applied on the product in the middle.

Circles with green strip designed for speed of rotation 100 m / s, with the red - 80 m / s, and yellow - 63 m / s.

Other important indicators

The letter F will report on the amount of grain whichHe was made abrasive, and its hardness will tell other English letters. Material circle connected via special connecting ligaments. Bundles come in various types: B - bakelite, V - ceramic, B4 - bakelite, graphite-filled, BF - bakelite with hardening. Marking is subject and the material from which the following are made: A corresponds to corundum, B - CBN C - silicon carbide, D - diamond.

So far we have considered the most commonabrasives species. Then the signs may vary. And this is not surprising, because the diamond discs in its composition does not have the materials that are used in abrasive circles. Another difference is that in the stripping petal circles using abrasive belt, in which the size indicated by the letter R. If these options do not cause you confusion, you will be able to quickly and correctly choose a grinding wheel. We hope that our recommendations will help you in this matter.

How to choose a grinding wheel
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