How to select grinders

Any construction and repair work makenecessary cutting, polishing, and cleaning of the surface of the stone, metal or wood. Using a grinder or angle grinder (LBM) will allow to cope with this task at a high level. The name "Bulgarian" was applied to angle grinders as early as 1970, when the instruments made in Bulgaria. It runs the tool in the following way: thanks to the energy of the motor causes the brush or drive in motion. All that is needed - is skillfully direct torque. Let us try to determine how to select grinders.

Recommendations for choosing a

Choosing a huge number of tools depends ontasks to be solved with its participation. Therefore grinder can be divided into professional and consumer. The main difference is in price and design.

Household grinders differ little valuestructure and with less endurance because they are not designed for heavy loads. It is not that they are less professional, because the house just does not make sense to pay for the purchase of an expensive instrument, if it is not often used.

If the work is intense and prolonged, thenshould think about purchasing a professional tool. Due to the fact that it is made from the highest quality materials, their durability and reliability is not in doubt. Each day, a power tool capable of withstanding immense loads, however, and its value is much higher than domestic counterparts.

Talk about power

at choosing a grinder it is important to take into account the severity of the operation: the larger it is, the more powerful tool you need. Powerful products are of higher value and weight.

Bulgarians use low powerIt is used to cut sheets up to 12 cm LBM designed for medium-diameter up to 15 cm, and analogs with high capacity without the work to cope with the material to 23 cm in thickness.

Grinders can be one-handed and two-handed. Handed species are generally equipped with an additional handle that can be easily rearranged to allow for easy operation. Using a special vibration-absorbing handle increases ease of use. LBM Some manufacturers offer their customers not to rearrange the handle and rotate the gearbox.

Note wheels

Circles can be different type of abrasive, the method of fastening, grain size, as well as the inner and outer diameter of the disc. Circles are cutting and grinding.

Disc title eloquently report theirdesignation. The specification allows you to specify the type of material to work with that are circles. Marking "A" reports that the nozzle is made of corundum, and can be used for metal, concrete and stone, purchase circles with the letter "C", made of silicon carbide. Cutting discs Diamond may be the type of "granite", "asphalt" or "concrete". Having carefully considered the mark of the disc, you can make the right choice.

Last farewell

Experts advise to buy convincinglyBulgarians only from reliable manufacturers who have worked out output control and technology. Before purchasing power make a couple of test inclusions, it will determine the quality of its build power units. To do this, turn on the grinders and wait until it turns to be the maximum, then turn off. Look to how it stops. Speed ​​should be reduced gradually and smoothly. High-quality grinder will stop smoothly and at their noise will not infrequent individual knocks.

Pay attention to the consideration of the gearbox housing. It is best that it is made of metal, optimally from titanium or magnesium alloy. Housing inexpensive household Bulgarians made of plastic and opportunistic professional - aluminum alloy. The professional models, the protective cover is made so that to turn it do not need to use any additional tool, not do it for the adjustment in domestic counterparts without a wrench. The professional tool Auxiliary handle can have two or three positions.

Having considered especially the choice of grindersWe saw that this tool has theimportant indicators as the power used by the diameter of the wheels, as well as other advanced features that can greatly simplify the lives of their use.

How to select grinders
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