How to choose a sander

Selecting the grinder - is enoughdifficult process. Today there are different types of power tools, each of which has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, to begin to compare with each other grinders, to determine their optimal type, and then later buy. Let's see how to choose the sander.

Features of angle grinders

This tool is popularly known as Bulgarian. With it, perform grinding and cutting of concrete and steel products, as well as structures of stone. High flexibility served as general popularity angle grinders. They produced various types of drives are designed to handle different types of materials. So, with the help of the abrasive disk can be cleaned and cut metal products, and with the help of diamond blades can cut bricks and other materials. Remember that it is important to use the drive, which is designed for a specific material.

Features belt sanders

This tool is used for coarse sandingsurfaces. It is used in interior decorating, when you want to process a large area of ​​the base, remove the thick layer of the surface. With the help of these machines are ground plastered walls and ceilings, as they help to remove old paint.

With belt sanders can handle the details in the manufacture of doors and windows, in addition, they allow to perform internal and external curvature.

Properties vibratory sanders

This allows the tool to perform finishing and polishing coatings. It can be used to grind plastic, wood, steel, composite materials and even natural stone.

The equipment is fitted with soft solesrectangular shape, which is performed at high speed reciprocating motion. Delta Grinders allow to make processing of small parts and complex shapes. A feature of their design is the issuance of the sole, and the tool dimensions are relatively small.

So, we have considered particularly angular, belt and vibratory sanders. Each of these has its own characteristics. Acquainted with them, you can choose the right sander and buy exactly the tool that will best suit your needs.

How to choose a sander
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