How to choose an electric drill

Drill is one of the most important thingsany household. Indeed, in every house from time to time you need to hang a mirror or a shelf, furniture repair or perform other work with this indispensable tool. Let's look at the recommendations, which will tell, how to select an electric drill.

Select tool

Before choosing and buying an electric drill necessarydecide on the amount and types of robot, for which it will be used. If the life of the tool will be tense, and use it often you plan, then it is best to give preference to professional equipment. If in such circumstances will be working household drill, then they will not last long. Although ordinary apartment or private home, where the drill bit and enjoy the rare domestic species will be enough.

The advantages of household tools canattributed its low cost and light weight. The best way to attractive tool combined with easy to use. Better household drill not unduly burden them and work with 15-minute intervals for a break a few hours a day.

But if your profession installer, carpenter,builder or collector of furniture, then seriously think about purchasing a professional electric drills, which can withstand heavy loads.

Technical parameters of the drill

If you are seriously thinking about how to choose a electric drillCarefully analyze its performance. The main parameters adopted include the number of revolutions, power and drilling capacity.

rotational speed or number of revolutions is measuredIdling drills and talk about the possibilities of electric tools in working with various devices and materials. Put simply, the higher the rotational speed, the better. Especially important in this figure when you work with attachments for polishing, grinding or sweep the surface, as in this case, the tool performance will be much higher. Moreover, even in the market can find a drill with 3000 rev / min and the instrument professionally this characteristic can be even higher. Most often, impact drills have a higher speed than a conventional tool.

Speaking of power, the figure most oftenall is in the range of 300-1500 watts. This is an important feature that will help determine how easily and quickly you perform some work, and will identify the optimum load on the tool. The most common tool with a higher power has more features, for example, it can be used to drill holes with a larger diameter. While 500 watt drill is enough for working with wood and other soft materials.

Adjusting the rotation speed is not thethe most important indicator. It is performed by a special controller and allows you to increase the usability and functionality of the tool. So, in order to tighten the screw, the best fit is low speed, and you can set the maximum speed for drilling into the solid material.

If you do not want from the first days of work withdrill motor burn it, pay attention to the maximum drilling diameter. If you stick to the manufacturer established its framework drill will last you a very long time.

When construction work is often athe need to produce holes in the rock and concrete, which is not very convenient for simple drilling. For such materials, there are special devices that combine chiselling and drilling, for example, a drill with a bang.

The main indicator is the impact drillimpact energy. The higher the energy, the more effective tool overcomes the impregnable walls. But working with some materials require low-energy shock, otherwise the tool can simply split a surface. In this case, the best solution is to use the hammer drill in the precision drilling mode.

Using modern drills can perform arange of work - drilling holes in various materials, spinning and unscrew the screws, perform polishing and grinding, as well as stir-flowing liquid. Having considered the recommendations of how to choose a electric drillYou can fully prepared to go on the market in the full confidence that you can choose the most suitable tool for your purposes.

How to choose an electric drill
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