How to choose the right cutting discs for grinders

Bulgarka widely used in any repair orconstruction. This tool is known for its size, production capacity and quality. However, the effectiveness of angle grinders depends largely on the quality of materials used. Let's look at how to choose the right cutting discs for grinders.

The abundance of information on the abrasive can be obtained fromsymbols and inscriptions that are printed on the product. Try to get information about the type of equipment used, for which you get a cutting disc. Some kinds of exclusively designed for use in stationary equipment.

Recommendations for choosing a cut-off wheels

When selecting abrasive primarily noteattention to their graininess. Sometimes you can see the circles with a fraction of more than 2000 microns. At the same time to indicate the grain, many manufacturers use the letter F with numerical characteristic 4-1200. The higher the number, the smaller the diameter of the grain. Home most commonly used cut-off wheels with a value of 16-220.

From the grain size depends on many things, even the speedcut. If using a range you plan to cut thick steel products, try to buy high abrasive grit. But if you first need to obtain precise and accurate cut, while the grain size should be fine.

How to determine the diameter of the cutting circle?

If you choose to abrasive grinder important todetermine its diameter. It is determined by used angle grinders. For tools intended for home use, the optimal value of the diameter of 115-230 mm. Remember that the higher the value, the higher the cutting not only speed, but also the angular velocity. Circles 150 mm and 125 mm are the most versatile. If the instrument has a small size, then it can be used to produce work in a difficult and uncomfortable place.

The inner diameter of the discs can be up to 32 mmand 22 mm. There are products with a landing in the holes 10 mm, while their outer diameter is 100 mm or 80 mm. Such components are used in working with a drill. The thickness of the cutting disc may be in the range of 1-5 mm. The smaller it is, the higher the cutting speed, but thin material quickly erased.

From the article, we learned how to choose the right cutting discs for grinders. Armed with practical tips, you can safely go to the hardware store for the purchase of accessories for angle grinders.

How to choose the right cutting discs for grinders
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