How to choose a disk power saw

Any construction or economic man knowshow indispensable can be circular power saw. In any serious repairs or construction without it simply can not do. This power allows the purity, high quality and precision cutting. Let's consider, how to choose the disk power sawThis tool can be domestic andprofessional. Domestic saws designed to be used from time to time. If you need a tool for long-term operation, then care should be taken to acquire professional types. Moreover, these types are not only cost, but also functionality.Decide on the purpose of use and the parametersBest of all at the beginning of the choice to decide,which calls for this tool, it will focus his eyes on the required characteristics. Consider for the beginning of the main pokazateli.Prezhde just pay attention to the external diameter of the saw blade. It has an effect on other characteristics, for example, I have broken into the depths. Most often you can find a tool with cutting depth of 50-60 mm. With it, you can perform all the basic tasks, besides these saws are different maneuverability, and minimal use of the necessary usiliy.Na market building tools found with the blade depth of 40 mm. They are compact and are used in the material with small thickness. What with them to perform deep propyl, you need to cut from two storon.Professionalny tool enables cuts up to 130 mm. Particularly their use is justified in cases where high volumes of work and productivity to be maximized. Their weight can exceed 10 kg. Some came to the conclusion that the optimal acquisition will be a model that can be used statsionarno.Moschnost saw depends on the size of the disk. With its increased capacity increase of the external diameter. If you want to drink it lasts as long as possible, set the angle of 45-90 degrees. Regulate it can be due to the inclination of the platform with the participation of a special scale.Ground saws and its willingness to workThe base can be stamped or cast. Many believe the latter is more reliable, since such a structure has a high stiffness and it does not warp over time. However, punched base made of thick steel, too, is quite likely prochnym.Luchshe when purchasing products immediately check it in. If you connect it to the mains is not possible, you must be content with the ability to hold in your hand. If you work a lot with this saw is better to work proceeded with the maximum comfort.Safety and guide railsIn dealing with the important role of instrument paysecurity. Every modern saw casing is closed from above the disk, while its upper part is in the closed position. The lower part closes the disc in the case where the saw is not running. Some saws are equipped with a button that prevents accidental activation. It is situated mostly on the handle. By clicking on it, you can simply pull the trigger. To increase the safety of the instrument is equipped with a special socket. If something gets stuck, it will work instantly. Now the disc stops rotating although the motor shaft will be in operation. In some models of professional saws available electronic braking system. It allows you to turn off the engine immediately after stopping disk.Chtoby increase the accuracy of cut, guide rails are used. Best of all, that they were made not by yourself craftsmen and manufacturer saws specifically for your model.Other important momentsIn order to select the disk power sawNote for wear indicatorbrushes. They allow time to see that their life is terminated and notify in advance. Brushes notice is not difficult. Some models in their excessive wear just stop rabotat.Otsenite type of food. Circular saws can be operated by battery or mains. However, when the work will not be long, though battery capacity largely it affects battery. However, this tool is characterized by a high mobility. With the increase of the battery capacity is increasing its tsena.I last important point - the spindle lock. To replace the saw blade is enough to press the corresponding button, and then with the help of a wrench can replace the key. If you often have to change discs, this figure will be especially vazhnym.Rassmotrev, how to choose the disk power saw, You see the main indicators, which need to be addressed. By taking the time to choose the right tool, you can purchase a product that will be a long and comfortably serve you.

How to choose a disk power saw
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