How to choose a chisel

Each joiner set is given an important placechisel. Although the design of this tool is quite simple, it is used widely in a variety of materials. Modern buyer choice chisels offers unimaginable richness of their choice, and the tool can have different execution methods: there are blanking, stamped and forged chisels. Let's look at the recommendations, which will help choose a chisel.

Forged chisels are particularly construction,which implies a slight thinning of the pen relative to the cutting edge, also present in the product stop. If we compare these products with others, the thickness of the pen slightly more, which makes them suitable for processing harder materials.

Structurally, the cutting-chisel in something similar toforged, but their pen thickness slightly less. Generally, cutting chisel - typical representatives of chisels meant for carving, because they can be used to accurately machine the material that is not characterized by a high density.

Stamped chisels are slightly differentstructure. They are a hand tool which has two parallel wide sides, which are used for mounting the thrust washer, which helps prevent the handle while the bias on the shank.

Criteria for the selection of chisels

To select chisels need to be consideredsome indicators. First of all, ask the instrument manufacturer. There are some companies, such as Stubai, whose products can be purchased without fear, because it is very high quality. Through the use of stainless steel, which has passed the necessary hardening, chisel can work a maximum period until blunt. Chisel can cut through high quality beech or oak beams across the grain by 15 centimeters.

When you sharpen a chisel on grinding stone can beperform a quality control of steel, from which it was made. When using solid steel for making metal pen when sharpening at the cutting edge can be seen a short barb. When using mild steel burrs will be longer. In cases where there are no burrs, it can be concluded, a hundred steel has not received sufficient hardening and chisel tip can at the most inopportune time, simply break.

When choosing a chisel important consideration should begiven its length. With the increase in length reduces the maximum load that can withstand the pen tool. So, if necessary producing a deep hole in a material with high hardness, it is better to give preference to a chisel blade with a short length, and its operation before the handle can be lengthened slightly.

Today, choose high-quality chisels are not sodifficult because of their wide range available. Of course, many seek to acquire a quality product, but do not always know how to reach this goal. There are no complications. Before buying a good tool to make sure he can before his bluntness delve into the oak beams 15 centimeters. After that, it is important to pay attention to the sharpened edge of the blade and if there is a short barb, means quality steel used for the manufacture of tools. If choosing chisels you do not find short barbs, this suggests that the purchase of this product should be abandoned.

How to choose a chisel
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