How to choose a power saw chain

The chain saw will be a great additioncircular saws. Often when buying a chainsaw question arises: what to prefer petrol or electric version? After considering the advantages and disadvantages of each species, you will be able to correctly choose a chainsaw.

Advantages of electric chain saws

Chain electric saw, though it may not fullyreplace gasoline analog still in operation is often even more convenient than its sister with ICE. A clear advantage of chain electric saws to gasoline is the cost of the acquisition and use.

Since the operation of electric chainsaw no need to have any skills in dealing with petrol engines, this tool is easier to use. In addition, when you purchase, you will be ecologically clean equipment, and working with them will be no different emissions. In addition, it can be used even in confined spaces after prolonged use.

If you want to select chain electric sawIt is important to get acquainted with the limitations inherent to this tool.

Disadvantages of chain electric saws

Since the anchor tool motorrigidly connected to a gear which directly transmits torque to the chain, the motor overload protection stripped that often occur especially at the blunt chain. If you want your tool served you for many years, it must be periodically sharpened.

When the voltage in the network falls, the load onmotor increases, and when the tool is devoid of protecting against overheating, it can simply be burned. On the other hand, when using thermal, it can operate constantly, which will need to wait until the tool has cooled. As a result, the performance of work is significantly reduced.

In addition, even if the saw is well sharpened and the networkstable power supply, its resource is significantly lower than the gasoline analog. Experts believe that the chain saws can be in operation for more than five years, even if they work for an hour every day. The durability of professional tools much more, but the cost of its more expensive.

Petrol chainsaws differ fullautonomy, and the work in the forest or landing with an electric saw chain can be easy to forget. If you finally decided on the choice of electric saws, let us consider its desired characteristics.

Choosing a power saw chain

The first thing you should notice isengine power, since it directly affects the performance. And when you consider that we have a voltage drop have become commonplace, it is important to take into account that the motor in this case, significantly loses power. Therefore, it is best that the tool has significant reserves of power, because it does not happen a lot!

The second indicator, which is important to consider - isthe location of the electric motor. Chainsaws with a transversely positioned motor received the most widespread, but in relation to balancing they are far from ideal, and the ease of their work can only be achieved in the vertical plane. The cost of electric saws with longitudinal electric motor more, but they are more ergonomic and allow you to work in all planes.

An important indicator - the inclusion of locksaws. Because it is not only powerful, but also quite dangerous tool to capture the case with one hand, accidental activation or kickback is preferable that the tool has been provided with a turn lock.

Other important indicators for selecting

Since the start-up and braking of the electric motorthe most extreme of its operating modes, because at this time in his winding runs maximum current, soft start the motor system can significantly prolong its service life. To protect the motor and the transmission of unpleasant stress is preferable to select a power saw with the design, which limits the inrush current and allows the engine to gradually gain momentum.

The most dangerous work with chain saw isthe return stroke, which occurs at the very moment when the end of the tire in contact with the surface of the wood, and the chain brake is designed to protect against this. With guard it is driven. Shield is located in front of the user handle. If kickback hand slips, it rests on the plate, and then the spring work, automatically turn on and the chain brake will stop.

low-profile circuit used for power saws. While their capacity is lower than the analog high profile, this tool is less prone to vibration, and thus is safer.

How to choose a power saw chain
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