How to choose the bits for screwdrivers

In appearance Bits for the screwdriver small and not particularly important, but they maygreatly facilitate the work of the builders. However, the small size of these accessories is not an indicator of their minor significance, moreover they are exposed to enormous loads. As a result, many believe the bits disposable consumable.

How to choose the right bits for screwdrivers Screw

To check whether your bit to fitspecific screw quite easy: insert it into a head and see if it falls. At the same time matching the size is not an indication that the required torque is transferred to the product. If there is a significant gap will wear a bit high.

In cases where the bit will not be able to stay onhead of the screw, even when working with a professional tool will not be happy. Spinning compound, in which case you will be available hearing unpleasant sounds accompanied by a clicking of the screw tip. This accessory quickly grind of work and will be on what does not fit, except as scrap metal. In cases when the bit is rotated in the screw therein, or slides, probably, you select it properly. Try to identify a more suitable product.

There are a couple of incompatible systems with screwsPhillips. If the screw is easy, then on his head is a regular cross, and the bit is designated as Ph one cross member. From the bits it is expected with perfect accuracy will match the screw head. Its side surfaces are disposed at an angle, and when combined with the screw head must disappear in its slots. With proper operation of the bat (forward its direction) the term of service of the fastener will be considerable.

The second system is pozidrayv herdesignation Pz. It is characterized by higher quality transmission of high torques. The screw may have a different geometry, which may differ by additional narrow grooves, which are arranged between the cross-shaped slots. The hard components of this type are used more blades, which improves the power of communication. Tie bits can come into contact with the screw at various angles. To keep intact screws and bits pozidrayv screws into a specific angle.

To choose the right size of bits and effort, youYou can see that metiz wrong. In this case, you probably do not save on that. Numerous studies have shown that cheap pair of bit badly. This question hardness metiz not affected. If we talk about pozidrayv bits, then cheap analogues is better not to use in their work.

Screw the system and selection of bits to them

Systems Phillips and slotted screws pozidrayv received the most widespread. Bits for screwdrivers practically used for slotted screws. In the furniture joints often used Philips system. These bits are protected from high load, for high-quality transmission of the rotating force is the most suitable system pozidrayv. Almost every bits necessary holders. Holders are SDS, there are also the locking system and nozzles. If bit long or double, while in the holder no particular need.

You can easily check how the bitcorresponds to hardware: it is sufficient to impose on the screw, with which the work will be carried out. If the connection is unstable, this will lead to the reel bits. When buying the bits you can define its appearance and dimensions to the relevant indicators displayed on the package. In order to ensure a significant moment of a tightening of use pozidrayv system. Improve adhesion is possible by using a magnetic holder for bits.

Prices of bits for screwdrivers

The use of inexpensive kits almost alwaysIt leads to disappointment. With their acquisition of the working of the material is almost always devoid of markings. And it was from him the quality of work and speed will depend in many respects. If you purchase frankly bad instrument, soon you just throw it away. In cases where the lack of hardening of the material, or it does not have the necessary precision and form, it is better to abandon the purchase. Remember that less quality set will cost not less than 300 rubles. Do not be afraid to go on such spending - because these bits are durable enough. normal quality product will cost not less than 35 rubles.

If we talk about cost, cheap bitscan have a good view, but only until the first of their application. To manufacture high-quality bit is really used chromium-vanadium, as well as special alloys of molybdenum and tungsten, which affects its value in the direction increases. If before you a quality product, you will be able to see her broken data on the size, the manufacturer and the form.

Properly approached the selection Bits for the screwdriverYou can get a quality product, the work that you will not be disappointed.

How to choose the bits for screwdrivers
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