How to choose the ax

Axe is one of the most ancient instrumentslabor used by man, but to our time, this tool has not lost its purpose. If you are a lover of travel in the country, it will be always with you in the car. Without it does not do any one or hiking expedition, this tool can be found on the market from traders or meat in the kitchen, the place it occupies no on site. Because this tool is so popular, let's see, how to choose the ax.

The size of the blade - an important indicator

Axes can be narrow, medium and wideblades. If the width of the blade 2/3 palm, it belongs to a broad category of which are used for cutting surfaces with a large area. Thanks to them, the force is distributed, which communicates the ax man. Therefore, to be effective felling, ax should be long and heavy weight in this manual tools. With such tools, you can fell trees, chop the meat and the huge logs.

As the ax blade is used with an averagefor cutting smaller area, then the weight will be less. Use it to chop wood, sharpened stakes and chop firewood. A tool with a smaller blade is not intended to inflict serious blows, it can be used to carry out the jewelry work - to get rid of small twigs, chop wood chips, sharpened pegs small thickness, besides these axes can serve as an alternative hammer.

In some models, the bottom of the blade axes hasrecess, thereby achieving reduction in weight and center of gravity of the tool. But this change should be considered. So, if with it you'll be chopping firewood, it can not be rotated to the side, his strength also becomes lower.

Analyzing other indicators

It is important to take into account the weight of the ax: the higher it is, the more powerful your shot. At the same time heavy axes require more strength in using them, besides they are not very easy to carry. With it, you can take a few strokes cut the log. But the light axes to carry more convenient, even though they are inferior in the wheelhouse heavy counterparts. It is these kinds have gained popularity among tourists. For hiking is preferred ax weighing 0.8-1 kg.

Pay attention to the choice of an ax with the necessarythe shape of the blade. Axes can be a rounded or straight blade. Straight blade helps to better split the object, which is the subject of impact. A tool with a rounded blade has a greater length, so it can be used not only to apply chopping, and cutting hit.

Rate sharpening blades

The smaller sharpening angle of the blade, the deeper the gunimpact will penetrate into the subject. At the same time it is important to understand that grow blunt the sharp edge will be considerably faster, besides its strength falls. If you will be using only axes to chop firewood or chopping wood not more than 100 millimeters (here also include cutting the ice and meat), then it is better to sharpening the ax was made at an obtuse angle. But if the tool will be used for tree felling of trees and logs, then sharpening should be sharp. A general cleavers can not sharpen as they are not intended for cutting.

Experts recommend the use of a floatingsharpness sharpening arc blades. At its center must be at an acute angle to hone a sharp edge and finish at a more obtuse. With such a tool sharpening will have a better performance at the same time the fragility and brittleness of its blade will be excluded, especially in cases where the punch blade edge is necessary, because there will be more dull sharpening.

Select ax

If the ax is short, then forserious blow you will be missed swing. In this case, the arm can be set aside on using it as an additional length of the lever. But in this case, the area of ​​your elbow will have to return all, just a couple of strokes and have a rest. But all the long ax blow out will take over. And the greater the length, the greater the likelihood that it fractures.

The best material is wood axbirch. It is hard and dense wood has a sufficient viscosity to repay strike, besides it is elastic and prevents cracking. When choosing ax should carefully examine it, because even a trace of a knot or crack can lead to tragic consequences - your ax will break in your own hands. At the same time the fiber ax should be directed exclusively along. In a convenient location in the ax handle ax pushed on is thickening, and for the convenience of the palm is a projection. Bending ax can increase the force of impact, at the same time it is the most vulnerable place in its turn. Optimal calculation ax length is easy to do - just multiply its thickness by 6-7 times.

So we looked at, how to choose the ax. These recommendations take into account all the components of the instrument and will make it effective for different purposes.

How to choose the ax
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