How to build scaffolding

During the construction and implementation of finishes normallyit is necessary to perform work at a height. Solve a problem can be a variety of methods. The most effective - to use scaffolding. You can purchase metal structure for private use. However, having made Scaffold own hands, we can achieve considerable savings. Let us consider the main stages of their implementation.

Choosing the right material

From the outset, you need to take care ofdifferent types of wood. Beam 50? 100 or 100? 100 mm is necessary for the manufacture of the pillars. For the construction of the horizontal decking planks can be used 50 mm or more.

For stiffeners and fences cansave and use boards, the thickness of which is 25 mm or slightly more. In the manufacture of the supports necessary to make sure the tree has no cracks and knots, and it should not be rotten.

Getting to the construction scaffolding

First, you need to lay on the leveledthe surface of a pair of beams, height not exceeding 6000 mm. The distance between them should correspond to the expected length of the forest. Similarly, the adjacent stacked a couple of bars. Their upper portions should be placed so that they slightly converge, which will increase the sustainability of future construction. If the distance between the supports is 4000 mm, whereas the toe at the top of 500 mm would be sufficient.

Further to the support beams must be boltedtimber made from the side members. They will serve as supports for the decks, so the attachment is carried out from the inside. With self-manufacturing of scaffolding height should be no more than 3 floors, each of them must have a sidewall, plus an additional bottom to improve strength.

Now you need to install the cross side, theysecured by long screws. Of course, you can also use nails, but disassemble the structure of the self-tapping screws are much faster.

At the end I left to lay flooring and fix the fence on all scaffolds. On each side of the structure can be fixed auxiliary crossmember, which will perform the function of a ladder.

for the construction of scaffolding workmust be carried out without undue haste, making sure high quality and strength of each compound. This will avoid getting various injuries and confidently carry out the work without worrying about their safety.

How to build scaffolding
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