Recommendations regarding the selection of the construction level

Building level which in some casescalled spirit level used in the performance of many construction or repair work. This tool is perfectly determines the deviation from the base level horizontally or vertically. Through these instruments can not perform the transfer of the angle of inclination of one of the components in the design are different. We can see some details guidelines for choosing the building level. Let's start by looking at the levels of modern varieties, which are sold in most building supermarkets. We will be able to see their strengths and weaknesses.

Features gidrourovnya

By building water level failsdetermine the deviation of horizontal bases. Often, it is the hose, its length is within 4-24 meters. As he mounted the edges of the flask with a special scale. They establish special cover are used to fill in a liquid flask. If an empty design, it can reach a weight of 1 kilogram, but not anymore. this type of equipment is different low cost and ease of use.

Construction type water levels are not deprived ofdrawbacks. They are often associated with difficulties that arise every now and then when they are used. For example, using the device, it is important to avoid contact with the heating system and the other objects having a high temperature. Filling hose with air, it is important to make sure that did not get air bubbles in it. With this tool, you can perform highly specialized work exclusively for horizontal measurements.

Levels bubble type

bubble type level won the mostSpread. They have a housing in which is located from 1 to 3 flasks filled with liquid. Levels equipped with a bulb, allow precision measurement of horizontal surfaces, due to the second flask, it is possible to carry out the vertical dimension, the third is used to determine the turning levels. Thanks to this tool, you can perform the measurement of levels of different surfaces to obtain accurate figures.

The most common are considered bubblelevels in the shape of a rectangle. The length may be from 20 centimeters to 2.5 meters. In some models, it realized the telescope principle, which allows them to fold out of up to 4 meters. To perform such products polystyrene body of high strength, aluminum alloys and various types of materials can be used. Alcohol can be used to fill ampoules.

During construction of the bubble type level neededto pay from 140 to 12,000 rubles. To purchase a suitable tool, well find out what its characteristics will actually be useful in the operation, besides buying branded products, you pay for the name of the manufacturer. Is it justified?

Advantages and disadvantages of laser levels

Considering guidelines for choosing the building level, Not ignored laser equipment. It is a precise, user-friendly and advanced tool. This type of measuring equipment is small in size, but the use of a laser beam can increase its capacity. Beam can project 100 meters and more, but for high-precision data is better to limit the distance of 10 meters.

To secure the building levels canused all kinds of methods: belts, racks or special magnets - all to achieve their attachment to surfaces of various types. With the help of laser levels can be achieved building all sorts of directions and planes. To create a plane in the tool using a special optical system, through which the plane is formed. The tool provides a different type of arrangement of the required point.

As a kind of laser levels - crossinstruments. They may have a different number of lines that are in the range 2 to 9. As a result of their use during works is possible to obtain highly accurate measurements.

Using this type of equipment allowsnot only to obtain high measurement accuracy, but also to apply it in various types of construction and finishing works. If we talk about their shortcomings, it is only one - the high cost. Most budget version of the tool will cost 1600 rubles, though usually it is necessary to lay out for 3-24 thousand rubles.

Construction of pipe-type levels

Such construction levels are lightweight anddimensions, they are made in the shape of a rectangle, but sometimes the market can meet the folding models. these types of levels is used when working with pipes, profiles and other surfaces. They may contain a special groove formed in the form of the letter «V», magnets for fixing to tubes or other continuous paper. Often their accessories contain lead. On average, the tool of this type is 160-400 rubles.

We were able to see the different guidelines for choosing the building level. Now if you go to the supermarket building, acquiring desired device will not cause you any insurmountable difficulties.

Recommendations regarding the selection of the construction level
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