Recommendations regarding the selection of lawn mowers

Equipment for processing of different huge gardendiversity. When choosing a tool there is a need in the decision, and not always easy to do. Let's look at some recommendations on the selection of lawn mowers. The greatest popularity was received powerlawnmowers and equipment that runs on gasoline engines. Thanks to the latest operator gets high power and the ability to move freely. However, work is accompanied by a petrol lawnmower excessive noise and exhaust emissions. You should always be in the reserve fuel, which you will fill the technique. These mowers are self-propelled or non-self.

Selecting December

Corps or deck in electric lawnmowerscan be made of different materials, the most simple and affordable is polypropylene. It is quite hard and springy, but not perfect. More expensive products have a body, which is used for the manufacture of plastic ABS. According to some indicators, it looks like a metal, but it has less weight and is cheaper.

Housings are made in the petrol equipmentof metal. Sometimes the stainless steel can be used here, which can easily withstand several seasons of use. The models used a higher-class deck made of aluminum. Some manufacturers offer them a 10-year warranty. Besides well known that aluminum shell weighs little.

Engine - the main node in the lawnmower

at choosing a lawn mower it is important to study their engine. Today, many companies involved in the production of this technology, while its own production of motors has a Honda. Other companies purchase power units from other manufacturers. There was widespread use engines made by Briggs & Stratton.

In cases where used in the artengine with high turnover, achieved productive and efficient mowing. Often, the manufacturer establishes and indicates the optimal speed for the power unit.

Quite often, the lawn mower equipped with motors,which have a capacity of 3-6 "horses" that allows you to "trim" the grass on the lawns of any. If the work is carried out with a wet, high or thick undergrowth, speed can be several times lower. As a result, the knife in the equipment does not cut the plant and tear it, but she left the grass on the ground, without falling into the collection box. That's why we We recommend when choosing a lawn mower acquire a product with power reserve, withconditions should be taken into account future use. In cases where you use a self-propelled lawn mowers, take care of even greater power reserve, because some engine efforts will be used to move equipment.

Determine the type of haircut

In modern lawnmower mowing grassmay be different: it can be thrown away, sent to the bagging and mulching technology can be used. Each type of hairstyles have their advantages and disadvantages. In cases when the grass is thrown away, young shoots pressed. This leads to all sorts of bald spots. The resulting problem is solved in one of two ways: you need to immediately collect the fresh-cut plants or use bunker devices.

The mulching lawnmower type usedKnife with a variable angle. The implementation of this technology allows you to cut the grass, and then grind it. This equipment eliminates any possibility of damage to the basal parts or bulbs when mowing plants.

Choose width and height of mowing

When choosing a lawn mower must be consideredcutting width. It largely determines the number of passes that need to be done to handle the mower section. Deck equipment affects the width of the cutting: the larger it is, the greater the capture device. The important role played by the engine power, thus avoiding overloading.

If we talk about the convenience of the height adjustmentmowing, then manually configure the most uncomfortable. The deck is equipped with 3-5 holes, which allow it to carry out. They are located at different heights. To set the desired height of the wheel axle twisted and set them in the desired holes.

More convenience are individuallyadjustment. Each wheel has a lever which is responsible for changing the cutting height, it can be configured for each wheel individually. The most convenient way to change the cutting height - the use of a lever or button.

Recommendations regarding the selection of lawn mowers
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