Bulgarian for beginners and professionals

The modern market Bulgarians or cornergrinders extremely varied and diverse. It presents the tools of varying quality, performance and power. And each model has its own buyers. Some products are interested beginners who are just starting to learn to work with this tool. Others are in demand by professional builders, regularly using grinders.

The site presents the Bulgarian in a wide range. Everyone can pick up a power tool according to their needs and tastes.

What grinders are suitable for beginners

An excellent solution for domestic purposes will beBulgarian with a small capacity, often up to 1.8 kW. Of course, this is not universal advice for all occasions. More powerful tool can accidentally get out of hand and cause damage or a novice builder seize it with both hands and will be afraid to move.

Bulgarian for beginners and professionals Bulgarian for beginners and professionals

So learn to use better Bulgariansnot in small low-power models. However, there is one caveat - these tools are not designed to work too long. Periodically, they need a rest.

It is best to practice on a grindersmall circles, such as 115 or 125 mm in diameter. Having confidence in his movements, and stop being afraid of the tool, you can use larger disks.

Tools for professionals

The main difference between a tool for professionals -ability to carry high operational load. They are especially great when cutting through wall openings and manufacture of cutting grooves. For the builder of this tool is simply irreplaceable - it can be used to quickly and accurately cut siding, PVC window sills and other elements.

Bulgarian for beginners and professionals Bulgarian for beginners and professionals

A great solution is to buy Bulgarian forwhich can be used 230-millimeter wheels. It is also good to hand was a tool for the small circles - it is more mobile and help get the job done in the places to which of larger equipment just does not get.

Bulgarian professionals must possesshigh power, and availability advantages become possible to regulate the number of revolutions. In some instruments, this figure is adjusted automatically depending on the speed range of motion.

After analyzing your goals and experience with the Bulgarians, you can choose the most appropriate tool.

Bulgarian for beginners and professionals
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