Generators AC and DC

Technical design, producingelectricity, electromagnetic induction method, and converts mechanical energy into electrical energy is called a generator or alternator. Such a machine by the method of power generation can be - DC or AC.

Initially, and for a long enough time,monopolists among alternative electricity sources were DC generators. But unlike alternators, a rapid deterioration of the equipment. This is due to the presence of the collector - electromechanical element performing the function of a rectifier, transforming the alternating current into a constant. In this process, wear occurs as a rectifier, and the brushes. The higher the speed directly armature, the more damage. Sometimes, to increase the service life of the generator using limit switches

Developed two types of DC generators for excitation specifics:

• Electromagnetic excitation.

• Magneto-stimulation.

In the first case, the wrapping system is placed on the main poles. The coil is connected to an autonomous power supply resource.

In the second type of excitation is effected by means of permanent magnets. From these magnet poles constructed equipment.

Alternators DC introduced intooperation of factories, large-scale enterprises. For example, in the areas of industry, in which production requires a continuous power consumption. It - metallurgy, electrolysis, ground, air, water transport, etc. Also, the machine -. Manufacturers of the constant current used by power plants. Here they are needed as the main causative agents of other generators, transformers operating simultaneously. DC generator is able to achieve a power of around ten megawatts.

The structure of the AC alternator harderbut the service life longer and at the level of quality. Since induction generators, there are several types and are able to develop a lot of currents, given the large voltage.

The structure of such a generator are:

• electromagnets forming a magnetic field.

• Windings. Induces an electromotive force unstable. The magnitude vibrations induced emf is almost equal to a ratio of the number of turns in the winding. Also equal to the changeable magnetic motion at every turn.

For example, to produce a large amount of magnetic flux, respectively, output and power use special magnet system generating machine.

There are 2 steel core. Windings, creating a magnetic field. One core is rotating - a rotor. Static core - a stator. The shorter the distance between the two cores, the greater the magnitude of the inductive flow. Together with the scientific and technological progress and improving the car generating electricity. And, perhaps, more people will be able to afford a home alternator.

Generators AC and DC
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