Features pliers selection

Pliers is a tool,which is used in a variety of woodwork and carpentry, plumbing and electrical work. Each artist in his drawer tool has a high quality and reliable pliers, with which you can grab different items and perform bending of wires and cables. A isolated pen tool allows you to use it even in working with high-voltage wires. Let's look at the main features a selection of pliers.

To date, identify different types ofpliers. They allow you to begin to live parts with a diameter up to a centimeter. Some tools will improve, honing his arm under the form of a screwdriver that allows you to get pliers. Some types of pliers have special slots that are used for cutting the wire. An important feature of each instrument is a limited amount of the throat. It may slightly increase, erode at the handle rotation limiter. In some cases, to do the work necessary to drill axis, disassemble the tool, and then make a new shaft and assemble it.

With intensive use of pliersHandle start a little loose. If axle riveted ends, this defect can be eliminated. If you want a quality repair tool axis and then drill to carve a new one. If you use the pliers to nibble from the plastic wire and mild steel, you can permanently preserve their cutting edges. If you use them to bite their nails or pull out, the tool is subject to rapid wear. Notches and slots can be restored if you do the propyl hacksaw.

Choose a high-quality pliers

Features choice of high-quality pliersIt lies in the fact that it is necessary to pay attention to certain parameters. First of all, note that between the sponges must be a gap of more than one millimeter, and the handle must be connected tightly. Besides their movement should be smooth and free. The cutting edges of pliers must have clearance not exceeding 0.1 millimeter.

There are various models of pliers. Thus 1RK-24 on the working surface have teeth made of hardened steel of high quality and have a length of 12.5 centimeters. To produce 1RK-036S model uses carbon stainless steel length of 13 centimeters. The peculiarity of the pliers 1RK-052AS is the presence of the insulation up to 1000 V and hardened edge, while the length of steel 16.5 centimeters. Model 1RK-27 is made of hardened steel of high quality, having a double leaf spring.

Features combined pliers

Combined pliers used to cutwire and fixing various objects. These tools have different grip, long cutting edges that allow you to cut for wires and cables made of various steel. For the production of such pliers used hardened tool steel which is heat treated. It allows you to create the tools required different hardness and high wear resistance. Pliers are corrosion-resistant coating, as they undergo oxidation, which significantly slows down the oxidation process. In some cases it performed chrome surface.

Pliers may have different lengths,polished handle, nickel-plated base and double linkages. Choosing a tool important to consider the coverage of the handle, as work would be extremely inconvenient to them when slipping out of the hands of pliers. Service life is so long that they lose more often than they are deteriorating.

Having considered features a selection of pliersYou can safely go to the hardware store or market and choosing the right tool. By the way, the cost of it is low, and the use is undeniable!

Features pliers selection
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