Features hand shears for metal

Carpenter-finisher always has in his toolbox Hand metal shears. As their name implies, they are designedfor cutting metal sheets or profiles. In our time, this tool is available in a wide range. For their production used a variety of materials, sank into oblivion a time when they were very monolithic. To create the handle is used its steel coated with a layer of PVC, and the cutting edges are made of doped metal. These features led to a significant reduction of their weight compared to their predecessors. Due to the presence of the lever is attained high convenience in their use. Working with such a tool is a pleasure, it needs to make a minimal effort.

Varieties of hand scissors

Tool for cutting steel can beequipped with a linkage or be classic. To create a cutting edge and handles Classic scissors used a billet and forging method. Applying them is important to consider that the effort to cut will depend on the ratio of the length of the cutting edge of scissors and their arms.

The instrument has a lever metal cuttingtransmission, they realized the cutting head and the handle. The combination of these components is achieved due to the principle of the hinge, thereby forming a necessary lever effort. Such technology is implemented in Hand shears for metal, Can significantly reduce stress which is applied during the cutting of metal.

The functional purpose of hand shears for metal

Today, popular toolsstraight cut, and transmission type. In these scissors created long blade that reduces effort and carry out a quick and precise cut along the entire length of metal products.

If you need a versatile tool, thenyou need the perfect pair of scissors. With their help, you can cut large and small radii and contours, as well as perform continuous cutting of metal. Through them you can do the job in the middle of the sheet and trim the edges. If using perfect scissors can perform such complex cuts, a simple edge cutting through them does not cause any problems.

Figured scissors will fall into place in those cases when it is necessary to perform small radii. Filigree shape of their blades will provide the ability to perform tight curves or shapes.

Right and left-handed scissors

Some people mistakenly believe that the right scissors -It is a tool for right-handers and left - only for left-handers. However, if you are dealing with a pair of scissors for straight cuts, there is the opposite situation. If you are a long straight cut, you must first apply markup. Therefore, the left for right-handed scissors are more convenient to use. Classification of scissors on the left and right operate on the cutting edge of the bottom: in the right tools it is located on the right and in the left - to the left.

The right scissors are made and sharpenedso that through them without any problems can be cut right radii in those cases when the arc is performed from left to right. Through the left of scissors handy carry radii from right to left. If the right-hander would be to use the scissors right, then he will send out the motion of the wrist. On the left the same tools work direction from the inside of the wrist.

We determine the quality of scissors

The service life and reliability of cutting edgesdetermined by a number of characteristics, including quality of the metal, which are made of scissors, and its processing. Steel HSS edge ruggedized are highly efficient, plus they meet modern requirements and standards.

ERDI Hand shears have cutting edges withlinkage. They are produced by die forging technology of high-quality steel. The use of inductive method allows for fixing the blades, to achieve high tool life, edge of the cuts will be deprived of any burrs. Due to the plastic coating and ergonomic shape handle will not slide off. If you are using nickel metal handles, then reached a special rigidity.

We saw characteristics Hand shears for metalThat will determine their choice. Armed with this knowledge, you can pick up in the hardware store a suitable tool.

Features hand shears for metal
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