Facade Scaffold

At altitudes up to 100 meters in the construction and finishingindustry used facade scaffolding. Construction collapsible type are needed to accommodate the manpower and manual techniques along the walls of the buildings during the reconstruction, restoration, insulation works.

The standard material for the production of dataauxiliary structures are steel pipes. They have a high margin of safety and convenient for installation. On the facade scaffolding is subject to GOST 27321-87. Frame construction, as a rule, covers the entire surface of the repaired buildings (example pictured).

Facade Scaffold Facade Scaffold

Varieties facade forest

Depending on the method of assembly structures is divided into four species.

• Frame. Design details are attached to each other lock lever type. Strength provide longitudinal and diagonal rails. The frame is attached to the wall as the construction. It is the most common type of forest.

• Clamp. They are used on buildings round, semi-circular, many-sided, non-standard forms. In order to achieve a snug fit to the surface of the object frame, it is necessary to construct a system of flooring, stairs, racks, shoes, props and other elements. Mount are special locks - clips.

• Pin. A typical method of connecting parts in this assembly method is to install the poles into the prepared shoes. Thus, a system of tiers that are convenient for working on small, smooth enough geometric objects.

• Wedge. Details of the frame are collected by inserting the supports in the grooves divergent flanges. Each flange is provided with a certain number of holes that can be directed at different angles.

Facade Scaffold Facade Scaffold

Who needs to be installed and be responsible for the safety of the forests?

The installation design is better to entrustteam of installers from the manufacturer. Professionally trained workers erect the frame is not only fast, but also in accordance with the safety rules and taking into account the characteristics of the particular system.

The range of major companies services to customersavailable not only to the purchase of forests, but also to rent presets. As a rule, the price of construction of the rented structure is lower than the cost of installing facilities for the purchase and sale agreement.

Guarantee strength and stability of the system should be spelled out in the contract.

Facade Scaffold
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