Recommendations made by the selection of punch

From hammer drill is characterized by a shockmechanism. This tool has been specifically designed for the destruction of solid materials: concrete, brick, natural and artificial types of stones. Let's see some expert advice on choosing the gun.

Getting to the choice

Buying hammer, many tend to choose the best type of instrument. Selection of certain parameters will allow to achieve this goal.

It should be realized that, as in the choice of anytool plays a fundamental role, its power, but other parameters are noteworthy. Try at an early stage to consider the choice of the functional features of the device, as well as focus on the presence of those that you need for optimal combination with a power tool. If you are planning to drill a couple of holes, high-power professional punch purchase is simply impractical. In addition, it is important to know that some economy-class models are equipped with a host of features that other than to attract attention when buying never come in handy. Often this functionality helps reduce product quality. To purchase a truly high-quality tools, better than professional models, you will not find anything. However, they are often additional features differ poverty, but this tool is able to withstand enormous loads.

The largest diameter of the produced holesIt is the most important characteristic. It is described for different kinds of materials. If you select this indicator is best to focus on the diameter of the holes in the concrete.

The high quality tool providedReliable protection and heat exchange system. Therefore, your equipment can work for a long time without overheating, and you do not have to wait until it cools down. In the event of overheating, it is necessary to interrupt the production process, or be prepared to buy a new instrument.

Additional functionality

Another handy tool, which are equipped withmodern devices - a control electronics, with which you can accurately start drilling and choose the best effect. This effect provides the utmost care when carrying out the work.

Thanks to the installation parameters can be constantconfigure the instrument for continuous duty, which will be saved even with increased loads. If you increase its hardness, special electronics will provide the same speed when working with the material. Through the soft start can be when starting the equipment to avoid the appearance of various types of twitching. For good select the punch, You need to pay attention even to such details.

Availability overheating protection at elevatedloads the device will be protected from failure. Some models are equipped with a device for switching on and off the lock, which will put the chisel into the desired working position. The presence of the reverse increase the comfort of use of this tool. Some models are equipped with a thrust reverser, which allows you to set the desired speed, it can be used as a hammer screwdriver. This will greatly facilitate the task of twisting and untwisting of screws.

The important characteristic is the choiceproducer. Examine whether he has an extensive network offers Do warranty and after sales service, etc. Find out if your neighborhood or city service center of the company: for example in the event of failure, may be required to take back equipment for hundreds of kilometers. It is fraught with significant transport costs, also increases the period of repair of equipment and simple your team.

One way or another, and completing the purchase of the gunit is important to define the objectives which you expect to achieve with it. You may find that the model that you like, has the power and functionality, you will never be able to fully use, you may take a decision on the savings and buy a cheap tool. We have considered expert advice on the selection of the punch, that will strengthen your confidence in buying the most suitable equipment.

Recommendations made by the selection of punch
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