Drills: universal assistant

Selecting the "ad-hoc" workinga tool capable of performing only one or two functions, but in perfection - it is effective and profitable? Yes, but only in relation to professional tools. Buyers that same power is only needed for repairs in his apartment, probably will want to purchase a universal device. Conventional drills they would prefer to drill - a tool with which You can do several kinds of repairs, and all - very successfully. Since these constitute the majority of buyers, universal drilling and installation tools are now available to a much larger number and variety than the "profile".

So, what is capable of modernDrill? Since the first word in the title still "drill", then start with the drilling. Household power (that this class includes most of the "multifunctional" drills) can effectively work with wood and metal, and even with a brick. For particularly hard materials useful function such as a hammer drilling. Drills equipped with such a function does not have the capabilities and professional impact drill even more punch, but is able to cope with a wall of brick and lightweight concrete. For drilling in "industrial" scale is better to buy a professional tool, but if renovated drill will be used only occasionally, it is enough for everyday.

Screw or unscrew the screw - the work is simple,but not to say that fast, always easy. Using the screwdriver, you can greatly save time and energy, but also get the confidence that the furniture will be securely fastened. This same tool can help and when the "reverse" operation: Reverse function allows you to twist the screws just as quickly and easily.

Another function of drills, familiar to all,who had to make repairs - is its ability to act as a mixer. Cooking all sorts of mortars can be engaged manually, but the use of "mixer" allows you to do is not only faster, but better. There are special drills mixers, but for this purpose it is possible to accommodate a conventional screwdriver: using a nozzle or without it.

Having one tool for multiple jobs - anot only easy in itself, but also financially profitable. Spend on the purchase of several expensive tools are not necessarily: it is possible to confine one. A good drill copes with any of its functions, contributing to the rapid, intelligent and reliable repair!

Drills: universal assistant
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