Cutting metal can be different

Among today known metal working techniques"Smart" manufacturer chooses the maximum functionality and reliability at the lowest possible financial investments. Modern innovative technologies offering high-performance equipment for cutting metal. For example, laser cutting of metal equipment.

Equipment for cutting of metal optimallyis selected, based on the specific processing tasks. An important factor influencing the choice of equipment is presumed range of processed metals. Whether it be ferrous metal, or colored, stainless steel, or will need to process and non-metallic materials.

No less important is the question on the proposedthe thickness of the material being processed, which may already narrow the range of equipment available for cutting metal. The customer must also determine the quality of the cut, the need for post-processing of parts, cost of the proposed selection cutting.

Types of innovative equipment for cutting metal.

Autogenous cutting.

To separate the very "serious" sheets (500 mm) out of competition autogenous (gas) cutting. Only such a method is not acceptable for high-quality cutting of thin metal, as a result of strongheating occurs thermal deformation of the material requires further post-processing workpieces. In addition, a strong heating of the metal in the cutting area resulting in its compaction after cooling.

Plasma cutting.

The method using plasma cutting has been developed in60 years, and today is widely used for cutting structural steels, high-alloy steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper and other materials. This method is the most functional and versatile in terms of the separation of metals. Plasma cutting is characterized by significantly lower heating zone, which eliminates the risk of deformation has blanks and accurately up to 10 times higher cutting speed. Plasma systems most effective for metal cutting in the range 5-30sm. And to obtain a high manufacturing precision of parts mounted on the coordinate CNC systems.

Laser cutting.

Especially high-precision separation methodmetallic (and non-metallic materials) - the use of laser cutting. Using laser metal cutting equipment optimum for the separation of sheets up to 5 mm thick. High speed cutting, cutting tolerances ± 0,5 mm. A very small area of ​​heat exposure does not cause thermal deformation of metal, thin arbitrary shape cutting through a very small cut width. laser metal cutting equipment applicable to the reflecting light metals (copper, aluminum ...) and strongly contaminated (rust, etc.).

Waterjet cutting of metal.

The quality of the result of competitive equipment waterjet cutting equipment for laser cutting of metal, but maybe he is much wider. However, as the price of the equipment.

Cutting metal can be different
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