Cutting discs for grinders and their types

Supplies in the Bulgarian actcut-off wheels. They are made from abrasive chips, which is connected by means of special glues. Abrasive wheels in rotation act on the material and cut it. They are suitable for working with metal, brick, tile and other products.

Modern building materials market offers three types of cut-off wheels. Let us examine them in detail.

Variety of cutting discs for grinders

The most popular range of metal. This disc is the most affordable. This is due to the relatively low cost of the product. On such products applied markings, they are easily recognizable thanks to the blue color on the side of the face. These circles should not use for cutting stone materials. They work with the most can handle, but the drive there may wear out faster or even collapse, which increases the likelihood of injury.

Diamond blades. Let the product name does not introduce you tomisleading - in its composition does not include diamonds. For the manufacture of these circles uses a special alloy, some even find these discs look like circular. The difference lies in the number of teeth and their form. The cost of these communities is much higher than the supplies for metal. Everyone chooses what drives better to buy in a particular situation. If the quality of the cut is not critical, it is generally preferred more cheap products. But when cutting tiles number of chips should be kept to a minimum, so the job will have to shell out for the purchase of a diamond disk.

Disks on the stone. Such groups are not much different fromfellow metal. Do they have a slightly larger thickness. The main external difference is the marking - products have specific lettering and a green strip. Product structure is fundamentally different. The reason is that the stone materials have not properties such as metals, thus cutting them better suited other abrasive composition. Yet the best solution for working with stone is diamond discs.

As you can see, the choice of disks for grinder requires taking into account several criteria. However, with the correct execution of the purchase is facilitated by the work and you can increase the quality of the result.

Cutting discs for grinders and their types
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