Correctly choose hacksaw

The diversity of modern building in nozhovokstores can surprise almost every builder. When choosing the right products to many familiar problems associated with the need to make a decision. Therefore, we will see, how to choose a hacksaw.

Types and nozhovok

Due to the classification nozhovok we will be able to identifythe main indicators to be considered when choosing them. All kinds of saber can be classified into manual and electric. Devices operated by the force of an electric current, characterized by high functionality, but they can not always be used, and the price is much higher. They can be used to saw wood, metal and high hardness materials: PVC, ceramics and others. To perform the work with this tool require electric network, so you can not use it away from home. The presence of the electric motor increases the weight of the hacksaw.

Virtually every known hand hacksaw. These instruments are universal, carry with them a job you can not only at home or in the country, because they do not need to be connected to the mains. Such hacksaw useful in planting or forest. Such a tool is characterized light weight and affordable price.

Each takes his own decision on the form ofhacksaw acquired, taking into account the scope of its use. If you plan to work from time to time in nature, then the best solution would hand saws. To build a small building such as a shed or summer shower, run facing rooms or produce other types of construction work, do not take the money and buy an electric tool.

Begin selection of hacksaw

Since this tool will have to worka long time, it should have a comfortable grip. Its correct form to avoid slipping and ensure the reliability of the capture, so this tool will always be a pleasure to work with. Ignoring this advice will result in the emergence of many calluses and problems associated with the implementation of long-term work. Many say a special convenience of a two-arm, equipped with a rubber insert.

Another important characteristic - is quenchingteeth. Pay enough attention to her. In the presence of such a hardening you will increase the life of the tool without sharpening and cut difficult materials will not lead to the emergence of any problems. It is important to remember that over time even hardened cutters will grow blunt, but you will not be able to readjust their sharpening.

From wiring hacksaw depends comfortthe use of tools, and the quality of the cut. Used for the manufacture of material webs determine its durability and reliability. Preferably used for this high-quality metal. that to choose a hacksaw, Check the quality of the web is simple -bend enough of it in an arc. In cases where in front of you is a good tool, Saw restore its original appearance without any problems. Seeing some curvature, it is better to find another model.

Each specialized supermarket offersa wide range of saber, which may be different views, size and area of ​​use. But the really high-quality products can only be purchased from vendors, collaborating with reliable manufacturers.

The destination area nozhovok

By type of material that will be cut,instrument classified as sawing wood and metal. By nozhovok wood sawn timber, particle board, boards, etc. If you perform the installation baseboards and floors made of wood, repair the furniture, or cut firewood, then without a hacksaw on a tree you have to hard. Her teeth are small, medium or large. To measure this characteristic number used cutters, located on the inch blade. If the teeth are large, then an inch can sleep up to 6 teeth in increments from 4 to 8 millimeters. With these saws sawn thick sticks and logs. In cases where the tooth-3 millimeter distance such hacksaws allow sawing material having an average size. If parts made of wood are small in size, while the teeth are arranged between two millimeter intervals.

When choosing a hacksaw is an important indicatorlocation on the canvas of the cutting tooth. If they are straight, then with the help of the tool can be carried out exclusively transverse cuts. To cut it along the boards, the best option would be inclined forward with a hacksaw teeth.

Hacksaw frames have widerscope. Through them, you can cut not only steel, but also ceramics, plastic or wood. But for such an instrument would have to pay more than a hacksaw on wood.

We saw, how to choose a hacksaw. After receiving this training, you can head to the hardware store and choose the most appropriate tool for your purposes.

Correctly choose hacksaw
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