Correctly pick ax

One of the most ancient instruments of labor fairfind the ax. It is interesting that even today it is still popular. If you like to relax in nature, in your car will always be a place for this tool. He will always be useful to hike or expedition, kitchen and meat traders this tool is not uncommon, and on construction sites it is easy to meet. Let us try to see how to choose the ax.

Decide on the size of the blade

wide blades are used in the axes, as well asmedium and narrow varieties. In those cases when the blades occupy 2/3 palm, they are considered broad. These products allow you to cut the surface with a large area. They successfully distribute efforts reported by a man with an ax. For effective logging using heavy and long ax. Only in this case it can be conveniently and quickly razrubyvat meat, cut whole trees and processing large logs.

Average blades in the axes used for loggingtrees with a smaller area, so they have less weight. These products allow you to perform sharpening stakes, to cut firewood and firewood. If the blade is small, such designs are not intended for serious blows, but they allow you to perform more delicate work: to remove small branches, sharpened stakes, chopping kindling, and, in some cases, the axes of this kind are used as hammers.

Some models are equipped with a recess in the axesthe lower part of the blade that allows you to move the center of gravity due to the weight reduction. This design change is important to take into account. Therefore, when using such tools need to chop firewood, it is not necessary to turn to the side, as it reduces its strength.

Select ax other characteristics

When choosing the ax is important to consider its weight: with an increase in the mass of the impact force increases. On the other hand, heavy tools require considerable forces during operation, and to transport it is not very convenient. It will help to cut the number of Range log. But axes with low weight easy to move, but on the quality of cutting them a little bit worse. A tool of this type is especially common among tourists. Axe, which weighs 800-1000 grams, is very suitable for backpackers.

Another important indicator - the shape of the blade. It can be straight or rounded. Axes with straight blade is well split items for which direct hit. If you are using a rounded blade, it is long, so lets apply chopping and cutting strokes.

Correctness sharpening blades

With the decrease sharpening angle increasesthe penetrating power of the gun. However, the blades are acutely sharpened, will be much faster grow blunt further reduced the strength of the tool. If you are using an ax to chop wood or will chop logs, which do not exceed a thickness of 10 centimeters (in this category include the cutting of meat and ice), then it is preferable to sharpen the ax at an obtuse angle. If, however, with this tool you will chop logs and cut down trees, then without sharp sharpening can not do. Choppers are not intended for felling trees, so these axes do not require sharpening.

Professionals advise to apply arcuatefloating blades sharpening sharpness. To implement this method, the center of the blade sharpened at an acute angle, but is used for sharpening the edges more obtuse angle. Such a sharpening of tools allows you to make the product better performance. At the same time the blade will not be brittle or fragile. This is important when the blade edge does blow, because in this place sharpening performed at an obtuse angle.

How to choose the ax

Selection ax is important to give the required attention. If the length is small, then the deficit will not allow the scope to perform a serious blow. How to correct the situation can be exposed through the hand, which will serve as a lever function. In this situation, the return will be aimed just above the elbow, so you can not do the job for a long time. Thanks to the long ax tool will have the entire load. However, with increasing length of the increased chance of breaking the ax itself.

The best option for making ax handleswill birch. It is quite dense and weighty wood, the viscosity of which will effectively extinguish the blow, in fact, it effectively prevents cracking and has high elasticity. If you pick ax, try as much as possible to examine it more closely: the presence of small cracks or knot can cause grave consequences. The ax fiber should have only a longitudinal arrangement. To this was a convenient part of the ax, the place in which it is mounted on the handle to be thickened. To the tool was easy to hold in the palm of your hand, it made a special ledge. Due to bending ax can increase the force of impact, but it is often broken. When calculating the length of the ax, you can use a simple formula to measure its thickness and multiplied by 6 or 7.

We saw, how to choose the ax. These article tips can help solve a complex task and achieve the desired goal. As a result, the tool will be effective for many purposes.

Correctly pick ax
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