Coatings: zinc, phosphate, chromate, anodizing, copper plating, cadmium plating.

There are a variety of coating metal,which are used to isolate the product from the corrosive environment. We describe the most common ones. Zinc is a metallic zinc coating the product or its alloy in order to give the surface the required chemical and physical properties, one of the most important - resistance korrozii.Osnovnye methods galvanizing + Painting (cold galvanizing), hot-dip galvanizing + + Electrical (electroplating) deposition + zinc (zinc thermal spraying gas) + thermodiffusion tsinkovanieFosfatirovanie - a chemical process in which the interaction of components of the phosphating solution to the metal surface. Phosphating metal provides the required level of protective properties of coatings. As a result of inhibited development underfilm corrosion, and significantly improves the adhesion of the coating to metallu.Hromatirovanie is a chemical passivation of electrolytically galvanized parts, the essence of which is short-term immersion in the details of a solution of strong oxidants. As a result hromatrovaniya on the surface of galvanized parts is formed a dense solid film of zinc oxide, which improves its resistance to korrozii.Anodirovanie - the process of creating on the surface of metals and alloys of the oxide film by using the anodic polarization in their conductive srede.Mednenie is a process of applying galvanically copper coatings on steel products. It is generally used to protect portions of metal items cementation. This process those exposed portions of the metal products that are subject to subsequent machining. Cadmium plating - is the process of coating the surface of articles metallaicheskih cadmium coatings using the method of electrodeposition. The purpose of this process is to protect from atmospheric corrosion products. Such as plating is used for decorative purposes in order to impart a nice surface appearance.

Coatings: zinc, phosphate, chromate, anodizing, copper plating, cadmium plating.
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