Choose a trowel in concrete

To achieve perfect evenness of concrete withouttrowel can not do. This tool is used during installation or self-leveling floor screeds in the final stage. two stages is used for floor treatment: first smoothed drive erases all differences and irregularities, and then using the smoothing blade is achieved cleanliness and surface gloss. Let's look at what you need to pay attention at choosing the trowel for concrete.

What should pay attention

When buying a "construction of the helicopter" is importantknow that the equipment may have one or two rotors. If the construction site is small (500 square meters), then you can use a single-rotor machine. In cases where large volumes of work, used two-rotor machines, but they are much more expensive.

If you opted for the single rotor model, especially when an important indicator will be the size of the blades. Their size depends on the area being treated floor. Trowels for concrete there are blades of 30-120 centimeters. If you find it difficult to determine the correct diameter, then take a look at the floor. If it is too uneven and bumpy, then it is better to give preference to a small device - it will be easier to use, and the speed of the final result will be higher.

Another important indicator is the typemotor. Motors can be diesel, petrol and electric. Power is the most economical option, but they are more expensive.

The cost of equipment

Limits value trowels unusuallywide. They can cost anywhere from a few thousand hryvnia for small to tens of thousands of options for professional models. Therefore, each customer will be able to choose for themselves the option that suits him best.

Of course, the rotor tools are cheaper. In addition, they are more versatile and mobile. Their working surface (blade or disc) is driven by using a motor with a gear reducer with a considerable power. In addition, it is equipped with a safety cage, through which the operator greater safety is achieved. Each device on top of the trowels are available to handle control levers that allow you to adjust the rotation speed of the blades or disc. In addition, the handle can be folded, so troweling concrete machines are easy to carry.

Twin rotor models have two surfaces. Most often they work with larger blades from 800 to 1200 millimeters. Trowels for concrete are propelled automatically moves the tool on top of which is the operator seat. On each side of the chair arms can be seen like a conventional single-rotor power trowel.

The most common smoothers machines for concrete in our country are the gasoline. With their help, you can process large volumes of flooring, without wasting time on recharging. In addition, they have an extremely high capacity. But when used in confined spaces without ventilation should be very careful. Still, for interior work more preferred embodiment are electric tools, at work where there are no harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Choose a trowel in concrete
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