Select the hoist to the construction site

Telfer is a loadequipment. It has a compact size, and allows you to quickly and safely carry out lifting, holding and movement of various cargoes. In terms of functional equipment it has a lot of similarities with the standard hoist, but has in front of her one significant advantage - electric drive. Mechanisms of this kind are widely used in manufacturing, but the greatest demand they use in various construction sites.

Despite the fact that now there are so manyModern lifting mechanisms, hoists do not lose their relevance. This is largely due to the fact that this equipment can produce the movement of cargo in the vertical and in the horizontal plane.

Select hoist should be taking into account its specificityFuture applications - especially process and climatic conditions of the place where it will occur. Use this equipment can be both indoors and outdoors.

Operation is -20 to+40 Degrees. Selecting hoists for the construction industry, the preference is to pay a two-speed models. They can switch to a slower pace of raising and lowering the load. Single speed capable of operating in a single mode.

By type installing hoists are divided into mobile and stationary. The last two types:

• With the support legs;

• Suspended.

Suspended models typically fastened to the upper beam. To ensure a secure fit in them are special loops or hooks. Mobile hoist travels on a rail trolley. In the construction sector are applied and fixed, and mobile models. Which option is more preferable, and the volume is determined by the specifics of lifting operations at the facility.

Also received a large spread of hoists with reduced construction height (SPM). They are adapted for use in rooms with low ceilings. They are characterized by high load capacity.

For construction sites with non-standardclimatic conditions should buy a model with relevant qualities. On sale hardy hoists intended for use in arctic conditions, as well as models that are resistant to dust, moisture, fire, etc.

Select the hoist to the construction site
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