The choice of sandpaper

Sandpaper relates to abrasiveMaterials developed on paper, textile or other type of foundation on which the abrasive layer is applied. Apply sandpaper for special tools or manual processing bases of various materials, allowing to make preparatory work before painting, priming, sanding or removal of old paint. Buy nazhdachku can be in rolls, but you can use modern analogues, such as emery sponge. Let's look at some best practices for selection sandpaper.

Indicators grain material

Grit is considered a very important indicatorabrasive material. This feature allows you to see the content of particles that fall to the square inch surface. Coarse sandpaper has a small numerical characteristic grain. This rate may be in the range from 10 to 4000.

When using sandpaper gritfrom 10 to 16, you get a very rough surface finish. This material allows you to shoot from the floor varnish or linseed oil. In describing the 40 need to understand that before you a rough abrasive material, which can effectively remove the paint from the woodwork.

To perform rough grinding whenthe surface will be free of paint, use sandpaper grit to 80. But the material characteristic of 80-150 is considered to be quite gentle. It allows enough quality to align the wood surface and carry out smoothing by rough grinding. Such abrasive material allows to produce an intermediate grinding, getting rid of a variety of defects, including all sorts of drawings and notes. This sandpaper is considered material having an average grain size.

If we talk about with fine sandpapergrit, its rate is in the range of 150-180. It allows you to perform final polishing of wooden structures, after which they can be treated with a mixture of grounding and to paint. Nazhdachkoy with the characteristics of 200-240 is considered very fine. It allows you to perform at a high level intermediate sanding. Use of such an abrasive material after the primer surface treatment before painting.

Super fine sandpaper differentgrit 240-320. It allows you to perform the finish grinding before painted wooden cover. With its help, you can get rid of dust, which in some cases appear after staining products.

Since the abrasive material which hasgraininess and 4000, carry out various grinding work on already painted wood. This sandpaper will help remove unwanted shine, which is typical for glossy bases, as well as get rid of the most minor stains and damage the surface.

Varieties of sandpaper

Often the abrasive material is separated into typesDepending on the types of the base. Now we will talk about the characteristics of sandpaper having a paper base. This abrasive material has high density and excellent mechanical stress suffers significant. If necessary, you can use sandpaper having a waterproof base, but it can be common.

The strengths of this type of abrasivematerial its affordable price. Due to the base of the paper is achieved by the ability to save forms on such a basis can be applied to most abrasive particulate fraction. However sandpaper on paper has some drawbacks, the main of which is the low wear resistance and strength.

Polyester and cotton fabric can serve as a basisin the manufacture of various types of sandpapers. Before applying the abrasive cloth executed special impregnation, by which the material gets a high resistance to moisture and increased strength. As a result, the product is considered to be very durable and elastic.

The sandpaper with a combined basisused paper gluing method with textiles. If desired, the building supermarkets you can buy a product having a fiber base. However, such an abrasive material is used exclusively at the factory in special emery machines. With it, perform qualitative processing of surfaces that have a very high rate of hardness.

Application methods abrasive

Coating in the sandpaper is open andsemi-open, but in some materials used Coating solid or closed. The products used in the manufacture of which the first two methods of application phase, cover about half of the base as a result of the abrasive grains. Such abrasive materials enables processing other than low surface hardness. These include a variety of tree species. The special structure of the base to avoid the formation of all possible lumps, resulting in grinding wastes are simply removed, but do not block the space between the grains.

In sandpaper, Coating which is closed or continuous type, the surface is completely covered with abrasive grains. It is an ideal material for the treatment of hard surfaces.

Consider some recommendations choice of sandpaper, we can choose the best type of abrasive material for certain surfaces.

The choice of sandpaper
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