Features sheet benders

Metal products are widely used invarious fields of human activity. Despite the constant search for and development of industries producing alternative materials that can to some extent replace the metal, yet today it is impossible to imagine such industrial areas as aircraft construction, mechanical engineering, car building, construction, oil and gas industry, without the use of metal products.

The metallurgical industry produces metalin the form of rolls and sheets that differ in thickness, width and length. For further use of metal, special equipment is required, which is the form of sheets or rolls into the required products: tubes, cylinders, shells, channels, sections of different configurations and so forth.

There are 2 ways of working with metal:

• preheating (e.g., forging, welding, annealing);

- cold bending using listogiba.

Features cold bending metal.

Listogib - This equipment allows to workMaterials without preheating without welding. The principle of operation is based on the design listogiba applying press working to a metal under pressure, which in turn can be: mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic or manual.

Using the listogib, products will have a number of advantages:

• seamless connection, reduce the risk of cracks and construction differences;

• Monolithic products are of high strength to mechanical stress;

• alloy steel less susceptible to corrosion processes, which improves durability and extends service life.

Types listogiba.

There are several types listogiba, which differ in the way of pressure on metal production capacity, process control, as well as the presence of additional features.

There are:

- Hand sheet bender - Is characterized by a high degree of reliability. In contrast to the bending machine is light in weight (no more than 200 kg), a compact, secure, is used for processing thin sheets of steel, copper, aluminum and other alloys suitable for small production (metalwork, mechanical, automobile workshops) for sheet blanks ;

- Press brake - The machine more complex design, allowsmake products of roll and sheet blanks, is equipped with a sensor that determines the bending angle. It is suitable for serial production of small batches. When using special nozzles, allows bending at a radius, punch, punch the workpiece, as well as to produce parts with complex configurations in one go;

- Bending machine - is the most complex structure that is dictated by the advanced features of this unit. Ability to work with all types of workpieces of different thickness and length.

Scope bending machine.

Demand for metal products remains at the peak. Bending machine in demand where production technology requires changes in metal form for later use, for example:

• Automotive;

• Mechanical engineering;

• residential and industrial construction;

• Production of household appliances and electronics and so on.

Features sheet benders
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