Building towers: how to choose?

Construction tower tour isa mobile supporting structure consisting of several modules and designed for a variety of work both outside and inside the building or construction (construction and installation, repair, finishing works, installation of electrical equipment and others.). Depending on the model-round tower construction may have several sections, which depends on the amount of the height of the auxiliary structure.

The main difference from the other tower constructionmeans of paving is the availability of special swivel wheels that allow you to move it without dismantling the whole structure, as well as to carry out works in places where difficult to use "traditional" scaffolding.

Classification of building towers

The criteria for the classification of building towers are as follows:

1. Material production. On this basis allocate steel and aluminum towers;

2. Construction. There are two types of towers - collapsible telescopic used mostly indoors, and more versatile, collapsible scaffolding.

3. Height. It can reach 20 meters or more.

4. Load. It may be up to 250 kg or more.

5. The dimensions of the site. There are several common sizes jobsite - 0,7h1,6; 1x2; 1,2h2; 1,6h1,6 et al.

What determines the right choice of building towers

On the right choice of building towers affected by the following factors:

- Type of work to be carried out with the help of. So, during the interior finishing worksmore suitable for low tower construction from lightweight aluminum profile. This tower is designed to accommodate one working on it and the necessary set of tools. If you plan to simultaneous work of several people, or placement on the job site a large number of tools or building materials (for example, masonry), it is better to choose a steel tower, able to withstand the load of more than 300 kg per square meter.

- The height of the supporting structure. When choosing a construction tower should payattention to its height. As already mentioned, the tours are made up of sections, which allows you to choose the height of the tower, which is necessary for a particular type of work. If necessary, the height of the structure can "ramp up" by acquiring the necessary number of sections.

- Working conditions. For example, when working in a confined spacebetter to choose a construction tower with a smaller size of the working platform (universal size deck is 1.2 x 2m), when running on uneven surfaces - obligatory accessory screw tower legs, and when working at a height of over 10 meters is necessary to use lateral stabilizers.

Building towers: how to choose?
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