Budget solution in the repair and construction - scaffolding

Making repairs, it is impossible to do without suchthings like tools and materials. But we must not forget that in any of these categories does not include towers. Mobile constructions especially in demand in the event of works at heights up to 21 meters. These dimensions make it possible to use them for the repair of the outside of the building or to help get to the high ceilings.

One of the key types of towers areConstruction tower tours. They are a team of design, used for construction, cleaning work, the installation of elements of outdoor advertising. Collapsible scaffolding is easy to store in any convenient location. It is important that these are equipped with steel wheels, with their help, convenient to move round to the appropriate destination position. They can withstand a heavy load, and of the limit value depends on the particular type and material of construction. Therefore, if you want to climb it can, and a few people.

Building towers used both inimplementation of the internal work as well as for exterior decoration. They are very convenient, their functionality is the same as that of the scaffolding. But in comparison with forest tours have a number of advantages.

• They are much easier.

• Not less stable.

• Maintain a lot of weight.

They are much easier to move independently ofwhere the work will be carried out - either indoors or outdoors. Now the installation of forest seem incredibly complicated compared with how easily mounted tours.

Externally, the building scaffolding look like. This sturdy steel structure, which consists of a pipe, and therefore easily collected and stored conveniently. It is equipped with four screw supports, which will be useful if the work will take place on an uneven surface. Flooring tours, like herself, is made of high-strength steel, sometimes from aluminum. Low rim prevents small objects fall. The entire surface of the structure has a special powder coating that prevents rust, does not allow to weaken fastenings.

Ease of tours provided by the fact that theOptionally, you can purchase an additional tier for it. This is important when it is necessary to increase the height of the structure. The average height of the one section (or floor) is 1.2 meters. Many tours are aluminum telescopic assembly type, their height can be adjusted and locked in position.

Budget solution in the repair and construction - scaffolding
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