Bits for the screwdriver and the special features of their choice

Although in appearance bits for the screwdriver and looks a little shabby, and, in anybuilding it to a large extent can facilitate human work. In addition, the small size of the bit can be misleading on their part, because they are exposed to incredible stress. Because of this, some of the bits are as disposable consumable material.

Select the screwdriver bit to the screw

Check how the selected bits fit the screwquite simple: it should be kept well in his head. However, the right size does not guarantee that will be given sufficient torque. If a large gap, the bits will wear out faster.

If the bit is not retained in the head of the screw,even work with the best tools will not bring joy. When tightening the compounds can be deaf to hear unpleasant sounds that will occur during the buckling of the tip in the screw head. If a bat a little work, grind the surface and everything will remain - just throw it away. If the bit is rotated and slips in the screw head, try to double-check how well you have chosen it.

If we talk about the two Phillips screws, it is importantKnow that there are two incompatible systems. In simple screws in the head is a simple cross, therefore, and in a bit with the notation Ph should be one Crosspoint blade. In addition, this bit should ideally exactly enter into the head of the fastener. Under the angle of the lateral surfaces of the bits should disappear in the grooves of the screw head. Processing such hardware is important to keep the bat perfectly straight as distortions reduce their lifespan.

pozidrayv Pz better system transmits highertorques. The geometry of the screw varies along the narrow slots between additional Phillips. These bits are equipped with additional blades that improve the power connection. The angle at which the tip of the bits included in the screw head may be different. Whatever screw or bits are not damaged, pozidrayv screws should be screwed at a certain angle.

If the size of bits has been chosen correctly and appliednecessary effort, and it does not fit, then most likely you are not on the saved: as shown by the results of numerous examinations, frankly cheap bits may exhibit poor mates, and it is not referring to the hardness of the material. Bits pozidrayv in a cheap version hardly usable.

Bits to the screw system

The most common systems are pozidrayv screw, slotted screw, as well as the Philips system. For slotted screws can Bits for the screwdriver not used. filips system is often used in the manufacture of furniture and for compounds which are not subjected to a large load and to better convey the rotational force, use pozidrayv system. It is important to bear in mind that almost all the bits you want to mount. There are products with a nozzle system and a "lock", and SDS holder. Dual bits long and can be used without holders.

Check that the bit is easy: Push it to the screw that you plan to use. When insecure connection bits will stagger. On its packaging can see the size and type of bits. If you want more torque, then it is better to use a system Pz. Through the use of the bit holder with a magnet, you can increase the adhesiveness.

Select the screwdriver bit to the cost

When using the cheap sets youdisappointed. In them you can hardly find a working part of the marking material, which largely depends on the speed and quality of work. And when buying a poor instrument you just throw your money away. If the material was poor hardening, and it is bad form and met the specified accuracy, it is better from its purchase just give up. To buy a good set, required to spend at least 80 hryvnia, but the life of these bits will be quite substantial. And the cost of a normal bits will be 12 hryvnia.

With regard to prices, there is a rule: cheap beats if they look good, it is only before the first use. To produce high-quality bit used chrome-vanadium, tungsten and molybdenum alloys, that simply can not fail to affect their value. Qualitatively, the product will be engraved the name of its manufacturer, size and type of bits.

If you'll come with due regard to the choice of Bits for the screwdriverYou will get a quality product, work with that will give you a real pleasure.

Bits for the screwdriver and the special features of their choice
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