Bending equipment: you can make yourself

To bend the sheet metal into smallvolumes, not necessarily to buy industrial equipment. You can make it yourself. To host "with hands", this problem will not be insoluble. The main thing, of making the necessary drawings, not to lose sight of the basic elements.

What is a self-made machine?

1. Roller knife. most durable and high-quality steel alloy should be taken for manufacturing such a tool. Of course, a functional resource is consumed after about 25 kilometers treated metal (about 0.5 mm). However, after re-sharpening of its operation will be fully restored. Necessary can be repeated several times for this procedure. If you construct a steel knife having a powder podsypku, he gets a high resistance to the anticipated loads.

2. Rear Table. It should be such that it is located freely sheet metal working. And not just located, and easy to move in a given direction, convenient to refuel for the job. Supports table equipped with a cutter and flexor.

3. Stand. To part of the manual listogiba did not slide on the floor, use wooden stand for desktop placement. It is necessary to provide for the possibility of its height adjustment. If the machine is transported on a regular basis, its movement can be facilitated by the wheels.

4. The front stops. Without these elements it is impossible to specify the width of the cut properly. The design of the stops should have the ability of turning 180 degrees and return to original position.

5. Measuring plate. Without her hand listogiby will not have the necessary precision.

6. The focus of the angular bend. It is required to produce the desired fast setting of the angle of the sheet. However, the bending process can be carried out arbitrarily, without rigid fixation.

Work principles.

Homemade hand listogiby designed towith aluminum, copper and steel sheet. These materials are produced profile parts. Cut strips are used to fold the folded shelf product aimed at giving additional rigidity.

The workpiece is fixed on the surfaceplate-bending table (clamping frame is used for this). Next, turning the beam bends at a right angle protruding parts. Its maximum degree - 135. But then you can dognut to 180, such a possibility is not excluded. Maximum thickness of the metal blank is directly dependent on the power of the press mechanism.

Clamp done mechanically by means ofeccentric screed. Clamping force can be easily adjusted. Listogiby simple design for a long time, running smoothly. They have long demonstrated their reliability and relevance. They are easy to fix even in harsh environments, including field. The structural feature is that the length restrictions of blanks virtually non-existent.

Various types of machine tools.

Machine-listogiby may differ from each other in a certain way. Basic features of a few. The housing unit can accommodate an electromagnet, aimed at optimum clamp the workpiece clamping beam. Its power negates the potential slippage of the workpiece.

Constructions of this type have improvedrigidity. They are able to ensure the straightness combined with high bending quality. Were made to the same or similar parts, and their length and angle of a very flexible, can be fixed or set by using special constraints. Some presses blanks are deformed by pressing them into the matrix cavity. The actuator provides the force of the punch protrusion.

Bending equipment: you can make yourself
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