Automation systems and diesel generators

A careful study of exploitation and specificitysuch devices completely indispensable in everyday life and in business equipment such as diesel generators, can confidently say that this is - the best types of mini-power plants of all known to date from any position. They allow you to feel independent from the problems with the central power supply, provide an opportunity to fully powering all electrical appliances and equipment, even if it is the total absence of, protect sensitive devices and help reduce energy costs.

At the same time it should be understood that dieselgenerators used are often not only as a permanent station, round the clock, but also as a backup power supply, and in this case, of course, the automation of the work can not be superfluous.

When to choose a diesel generator with ATS?

What is the full translation of the power onpower generation installed diesel generators? In fact, if much exaggerated, this process is to connect the equipment that is connected to it all the consumers, then, in fact, hit a button or switch until the next check fuel level and service consumables to maintenance had completely forgotten about the operation of the plant .

Since human involvement in this processIt is minimal - a modern smart electronics is able to independently monitor the status of all the charges she assemblies and systems, adjusting their work according to the fixed changes, connecting classical ATS in this case is not a necessity. But if you buy a diesel generator had as its specific purpose to ensure consumers of electricity backup independent voltage source, there is no high-quality automation can not do.

How does purchased diesel generator with ATS?

In fact, the ATS to reserve a mini-power plantsreduces installation work to the already above-described case of a constant and the only source of energy - it automatically monitors parameters of the distribution system, and at the slightest seen it crash, immediately starting the system reacts immediately to correct its motor mode and the desired degree of loading.

This automation also allows you to eliminate the human factor from the plant control, making it much more comfortable to use.

Automation systems and diesel generators
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