Selection of power

In any repairs, and even more construction,required power: drills, hammers, grinders, jigsaws - sometimes they are simply irreplaceable! Going to the store building tools, the eyes can just run up on the range of products and a large selection of manufacturers. Let's look at some guidelines for choosing the power to help buy the right device.

Buy Is a professional tool?

In the market of construction tools possible to meet the professional and non-professional products. Some manufacturers in order to emphasize the differences, can even paint them in different colors.

When using a professional tool, you can work with it for a long time, in some cases, around the clock and under high loads. Each element is reliable and durable.

Unprofessional tool differs lessstrong design details, and when working with it being necessary to take a break from time to time. The cost of these products is lower than the professional counterparts. Therefore, if you do not plan to begin large-scale construction, unprofessional tool will be the best choice. If the same amount of work load and large, did not take the money and buy the real thing!


The tool can run on battery orpower. If the product is used by the current from the socket, it is important to verify its safety. For regular work on the electrification facilities without cost to purchase a device that is powered by a rechargeable battery.

Cordless tools have theiradvantages: you do not need to fuss with wires connected to them extenders. All that is needed - to take it with a pre-charge the batteries. However, there are some cons. For example, between the duration of charging small equipment. If they do not work for a long time, the battery capacity is reduced or it can even break. And the cost of such a tool is much higher manufacturing working on the network.

There are other characteristics that are worth paying attention to the tool purchase. This security, versatility, design features and other criteria. Using our recommendations on the selection of power toolsYou can buy the product that you really need and avoid overpayments and disappointments.

Selection of power
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