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Home theater - arrangement of equipment, methods and its connection settings

Home Theater

Wide technical progress step narrowed toincredible size width of TVs, reduced to the minimum dimensions of acoustics and technology management tools, designed for high-quality movie viewing. The phrase "home cinema" has ceased to frighten even the immense size of the owners of small apartments. Consumers have the opportunity to buy a complete set or separately all the ingredients. The only question is, in what order you need to connect and intelligently adjust the home theater with their own hands, to enjoy the views become truly present.


  • Acquisition and placement scheme
  • How to connect all components of the theater?
    • Connect the home theater to your TV
    • Connection to the computer
  • Proper configuration of devices for viewing movies

Acquisition and placement scheme

The phrase "home cinema" may include:

  • complete set consisting of the means of transmission of video (ie widescreen TV or projector), speaker system and a DVD player;
  • reduced set of DVD-player and acoustic equipment.
Connecting a home theater

The complete home cinema conventional TVmay be replaced by a widescreen projector - a solution suited for large rooms, since the image is too large will create discomfort in a small room

Start organizing theater - the right choicepremises or part of the allocation thereof. Before you perform a home theater connection to the TV, it is necessary for each technical unit to find the "right" place.

Note. Locate the equipment needed so that the screen was at eye level of seated people, and the audience at the center located around the acoustic equipment.

How to install home theater

How to install a home cinema: the right input sound scheme, which provides that the audience should be at the center of an improvised cinema

How to install a home theater - a taskthe solution of which depends on the area of ​​the room, and the formation of an optimum in terms of user comfort. Since the flat screen televisions do not take away useful space, the main snag is the alignment of acoustics. Columns can be hung on the wall with brackets, set up on a special rack or positioned directly on the floor. You can give preference to compact models. However, the interior options encased several speakers, thereby improving the transmission of sound. The owner will have to decide what is more important for him.

How to install home theater

Restricted area - a common reason for choosing compact speakers, but remember that outdoor speakers deliver far better sound processed

The owners of small apartments Recommendcinema with acoustic system consisting of a five-speaker 5.1. Passionate film fans in large rooms can install a cinema with 6 or 7yu columns (6.1 and 7.1) with a surround sound. Again consideration: equipment for the 6.1 or 7.1 standard decoders not enough, players will need a DTS ES and Dolby Digital EX. Well, if the player is in addition equipped with a device to read various video and audio formats, USB-port for viewing and listening materials with flash drives and hard drives.

Connect your home theater to your TV

One of accommodation options with subwoofer behind the scenes viewers

On placement of the DVD-player, a subwoofer,Blu-Ray-Player and a control center cinema - receiver, it usually is not. They are traditionally installed under the TV suspended on the wall or mounted on a special "dresser" with compartments for all the equipment.

Figure out how to properly install a home theater, were placed on the points calculated columns, you can move on.

Homemade furniture arrangement of all components of a home theater

The project is a self-made furniture for home theater components

How to connect all components of the theater?

Regardless of the layout and the number ofequipment for home cinema fans, all the components connected to the receiver. It manages the full range of video equipment and supplies power speakers, receives and transmits radio signals. The receiver is built into the tuner, the power amplification device, preamps, multi-channel audio decoders, the processing system commands. It focuses circuit connecting a home theater, it is the center of all the equipment connections to a single, smoothly operating "organism".

Wiring a home theater

Detailed wiring diagram home theater with a clear picture of the location of places of ports

Connect the home theater to your TV

the executor will need a cable for this operation,the choice of which depends on the type of connectors on the TV and the receiver. According to what you need to purchase a cable with a standard connector or Composite connector with RGB or HDMI input, or with a device to connect the S-video. Proper home theater connection will also require to include in the filter chain network.

Suppose that the connectors on the receiver and the TV composite, purchase the appropriate cable and hands have everything to easily connect your home theater to the TV. Let's start:

  • It located on the rear panel of the receiver terminal OUT Plug the yellow connector to the IN LCD, LED or plasma TV is connected with the plug located at the opposite end.

By analogy runs the cable connectionS-Video. Joining technology through the RGB cable installation is made of blue, red and green connectors to the corresponding inputs. With the HDMI connection cable with compact "combs" for HDTVs easy to handle, focusing on the shape of the plug and deposited most of them labeled.

How to connect your home theater with HD TV

HDMI cable with compact "combs" to connect to the receiver HDTVs

  • Connect the front, rear acoustic equipment and a center speaker.

The center speaker can be placed above or below the TV. The rear speakers should be turned to film fans at 45º.

  • Under the black and red cover of the receiver on the back of his panel, there are holes for wires. Paste color, respectively.
  • Blu-Ray and / or a DVD-player are connected via sockets to the connection diagram suggests color.
  • Subwoofer, optimizing sound, connect the supplied cable to the connector receiver OUT.
  • Audio devices attach to the connector of the central unit, insert the plug into the player outputs are available on the left and the right.
Connecting a home theater system with an additional preamp, multi-channel amplifier and processor

Wiring a home theater with an additional preamp, multi-channel amplifier and processor

Complete home theater connection should install all electrical cords, plugs into the filter and attach it to a wall outlet.

Connection to the computer

For connection, a specialcable, one end of which the "tulip" type connector, on the other - input device for a "mini-jack". Implemented home theater connection to the computer through a green port.

  • The system unit insert the mini-jack connectortulip paste in the DVD-Player. In this scheme, you connect the player acts as a sound amplifier, which is reproduced in the selected host format (ie 5.1 or 6.1, etc..). It is to him we connect speakers and a passive subwoofer.
  • Configure the sound card. It is possible that to connect theater with six speakers need to install 6SH the Speaker, for seven speakers, too, may need to install a special parameter. Chart Setup is a balance of sound characteristics.
  • Setting up a video card with a focus on the owners preferences. The video card can support two or more of the screen.
How to connect your home theater to a computer

Cable to create a home theater circuit, including a computer and the player to an amplifier

Proper configuration of devices for viewing movies

After installation and connection of all componentsyou need to figure out how to set up a home theater, then successively carry out all actions. For setting the OSD menu of the receiver is used, the adjustment is easier to implement with the remote.

  • Setting up the bass in the front and rear speakers, choosing the «Small» mode for a compact loudspeaker models, «Large» mode for large equipment.
  • prefer to set the «Normal» mode most of the settings for the center speaker. Large speaker will deliver great sound while «Wide» mode.
  • If you can not place the arc column, you need toIt will delay the signal of the center speaker, as it is located further than the front and rear equipment. Calculation is simple: every 30 cm distance difference in delays require 1 millisecond.
  • Adjust volume levels, which you can set the priority level of the receiver or to each individual channel.
  • Perform final configuration, including fragments of the film very well recorded.

In addition to these different models for home theater, film fans can be, and other settings for the examination which is necessary to read the manufacturer's instructions.
Learning how to properly organize and cinemahow to connect the home theater, the task will cope anyone. "Tin-solder" reinvent exactly nothing. But, knowing the principles of connection and settings, simple failures can be identified and corrected on their own, but still a lot to save on calling the wizard.

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