How to choose the air conditioner for the home and on any characteristics of the draw with the purchase?

How to choose the air conditioner for the home

Selection of HVAC equipment for arrangementproperty - a multi-faceted task, complicated by the presence in the market of mass equivalent options with similar functionality. As in the sea equivalent offers to find the best of them, how to choose the air conditioner for the home, copes with the creation of favorable conditions for the owner? For answers to these questions requires some theoretical training, which allows to form your own opinion which is independent from the seller arguments touted aggressively implemented their goods.


  • Monoblock or split-system?
  • How to calculate the power conditioner?
  • How interconnected air conditioning and ventilation?
  • Select additional functions for the unit
  • What we get as a result?

Monoblock or split-system?

System Type C - select a starting point. It is determined on the basis of a specific set of tasks and customer such important aspects as:

  • necessary and sufficient structural complexity;
  • power;
  • the possibility of self-installation;
  • range of additional functions;
  • mobility;
  • dimensions;
  • the estimated location.
Choosing air conditioning for the house

Choosing air conditioning for the house is oriented on its capacity, design, dimensions, involves the installation of a place, the important aspect is the possibility of self-installation

Brief description of the monoblock

A simple air-conditioned house - budgetwindow, roof or mobile monoblock casing in which there are all functional parts. Elementary constructions determines the value of democracy. On the bench can be judged from the name. Those who wish to use a single unit for air treatment in different rooms, suitable mobile equipment. In principle, it is easy to move to another room or to transport to the country, for example, the type of windows. Priority monoblock is easy to install, with no problems to exercise their own hands.

Important. be sure to pay attention to the width of the window before the purchase option: the the size of the window opening It must be greater.

Basically monoblock only cool the air,Rare modifications can be heated and cleaned. Since all working parts are mounted in a single housing, candy bars are among the most "noisy" the climate system. Ventilation and they, too, will not engage in systematic mix with fresh air.

How to choose a conditioner for the home

The principle of operation, connection and mobile device simple monoblock

For more information about split-systems

Regardless of pre-defined name of the placeinstallation, all split systems have a similar structure. It is composed of two separate units, the loudest of which is mounted outside the building. With the indoor unit and it is connected to the electric wire copper tubes, on which the block unit is circulated in a freon. The last modification of the channel, wall-mounted, cassette and other split-systems are equipped with an LCD display, controlled by remote controls are equipped with timers and control devices, protection devices, cleaning and adjustment of air flow.

Choosing air conditioning for home: fixed split system

The outer part of a split system is installed outside the building, professional installation is recommended

Wall kind - the best conditionerhome, having the parameters of domestic equipment. All others, including the tower and ceiling modifications, apply to semi-industrial techniques and are used for arrangement of production and large public spaces.

Multisystem, a more complex kind ofsplit type air conditioners are rarely placed in housing. It differs in that one outdoor unit serving several internal parts, which, however, would come to very large multi-storey country house.

Choosing air conditioning for home: wall-mounted version

Indoor unit Wall split systems with control devices, protection, and control with LCD display

How to calculate the power conditioner?

Primitive calculation power equipment is very simple: 1 kW of cool technology area of ​​10 m ?.

However, there are some nuances that have to buy air conditioners with more than rudimentary calculation suggests performance is:

  • presence in the treated area of ​​household appliances;
  • layout of the rooms under the roof, which increases the heat transfer from the outside and the outside;
  • glass area, ie, size and number of windows.

Need to increase the capacity of selected system0.5 kW, if the room cooling system will work, such as a TV set. If there are simultaneously enabled computer and audio-center, need to add 1 kW. It is taken into account for any of the parties to "look" the window openings for air "northern" rooms need a device with a lower power.

Attention. Do not confuse power consumption of the air conditioning system and its working capacity. Consumes equipment is three times less than it produces. Standard household air conditioner, delivering 2.5 kW requires only 800 watts.

How interconnected air conditioning and ventilation?

Household air conditioners are designed to modelcooling and heating the air mass without ventilation. Window type may contribute to the release of out 10% recycled air. A loose-fitting door frames and approximately the same number can come inside. If you are interested in the replacement of the waste mass to fresh air, the air conditioner choices for the home, preferably directed to channel equipment. However, it applies to housing arrangement is extremely rare because of the large size, complex wiring ducts and difficult installation. Often, they are replaced by fresh air blower, a particularly necessary to equip the rooms with sealed windows.

Ducted air conditioning for homes

If the owner is interested in the implementation of ventilation and fresh air supply instead of the waste mass, it is recommended channel type of air conditioner

The above manufacturer's technical parametersair conditioning characterize his work with the windows closed. Using air vents for ventilation equipment in the functional increase the burden due to air entry from the outside and therefore increase energy consumption. Setting ventilation can work together with the air conditioning, as they provide an opportunity to calculate how much more powerful system is needed. Normalize spontaneously coming through the air can not box.

To avoid overloading the unit and the energy expenditure of the process of the air conditioner vents better not to open.

Those wishing to buy an air conditioner with automaticpower adjustment is usually recommended modification of inverter type. They independently switched to a low speed mode as soon as the room temperature reaches the user-programmed value. "Overload" the inverter air conditioner will not be even with the window open, and with the closed tight pane will save up to 40% energy.

Select additional functions for the unit

All are equipped with air conditioning an equivalent classalmost equivalent to a set of advanced features. Systems elite category can heat the air in the winter, drain and purify the process stream. In middle-class equipment features a smaller, low cost options generally perform the basic function. So that the question, "what to choose for the air conditioning at home," recommended to focus on checking for protection against incorrect use of the systems and operating in adverse conditions for the equipment, and to choose well-known brand, the manufacturers who were able to establish itself with the best hand.

Wall split system - the best conditioner for home

Virtually all modifications equivalent pricecategory feature the same set of additional functions:. cleaning devices, remote control, etc., special attention should be paid to the presence of security systems

What we get as a result?

  • For permanent installation is optimal low noise air-conditioning.
  • Users who wish to economize on energy, recommended inverter installation.
  • Do you want a piece of equipment to use at home and at the cottage? Buy a simple cell or window air conditioner.
  • Do not get involved too complex technique that requires a lot of investment in installation and maintenance.
  • Prefer midrange systems from proven reliable manufacturer with an excellent reputation.

And the main thing. Having decided to install an independent, strictly follow the rules listed in the manufacturer's instructions, and follow them to the regulated operating mode.

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